Adult placement

Adult placement is a scheme where approved carers provide support, within their own homes, to vulnerable adults. The scheme provides a range of services including long term, and short stay support. Expenses are paid for periods of support.

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What is adult placement?

Adult placement is a scheme where you stay in someone else's home.

How does the scheme work?

We will work with you and your care coordinator (a social worker, nurse, or therapist) to find out what support you need, what things are important to you and what sort of things you enjoy doing. We will then introduce you to an approved carer and their family, so that you can decide if you want to stay with them.

What types of placement are there?

There are different types of placement: long-term; short-term (which can be for an afternoon, evening, overnight or up to four weeks); regular short-term breaks and one-off breaks.

What will happen when the placement starts?

No two placements are the same. Each placement is different because your needs, and each carer are different.

  • You will have your own bedroom in the carer's home, if you are staying overnight
  • You will be able to take some of your personal things with you, including spending money
  • You will be able to decide how much you join in with the family's every day life and your wishes for independence and privacy will be respected
  • You can still have contact with friends and family while you are staying with the carer

Will I have to pay for living with an adult placement carer?

It depends on what type of service you receive. Your care coordinator may be able to tell you how much you will have to pay.

How to find out more

You need to speak with your care coordinator, who will contact us. We will come and talk to you about the scheme and answer any questions you may have.

If we agree that adult placement will work for you, then we will start looking for a carer for you to stay with.

Who to contact

Adult Placement Team
Turnpike House
631 Eccles New Road
M50 1SW
Map to this location
0161 909 6517
0161 909 6527

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