Applying for Tree Preservation Order

Many trees in Salford are protected by a preservation order. These are trees of a high amenity value or which have a significant impact on the environment and have been identified by the council and protected by an order.

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a Tree Preservation Order is online via the Planning Portal.

Where a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is made under Section 198 of the Town and County Planning Act 1990, the tree or group of trees are identified on a location plan. Copies of the order are served on the owners of land upon which the trees are growing, and on the owner occupiers of affected and joining properties.

You can read the government's guide to tree preservation procedures.

Details of which trees are protected can be obtained from the development control section of development services in the Civic Centre, Swinton.

Once an order has been made, the consent of the council is required before a tree may be pruned or felled. In certain circumstances, it may be agreed that pruning or removal may be permitted in order to accommodate development, but the TPO enables the council to control these actions and to obtain new planting to replace trees which are removed. You can download a form to get approval to carry out pruning or felling work to trees protected by a TPO. There is no fee involved.

If a tree is cut down, uprooted or wilfully destroyed or is deliberately damaged, or pruned in a manner likely to destroy it, in contravention of a TPO, the responsible person may be prosecuted and liable to pay a substantial fine.

You can find out more about the council's policies about trees and tree planting and protection.

For further general advice the following sites may also be of interest:

Trees in conservation areas

Trees in conservation areas are also subject to special provisions introduced in 1974. Anyone wishing to fell, prune or uproot trees in a conservation area, unless they form a hazard to public safety or are already covered by a Tree Preservation Order, must give the council six weeks' notice. Work must not be carried out within that period without consent, otherwise penalties may be incurred. The regulations made under this act give certain exemptions from this requirement, and applicants are advised to contact the development control section if they are in any doubts about the procedures.

Notice of intention to carry out work to trees in conservation areas must be given in writing using a council form and include an accurate plan indicating the location of the tree(s).

You can find out more about conservation areas in Salford.

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