Recycle and Reward: Ordsall and Langworthy

The good causes for Ordsall and Langworthy are listed below. Please vote for your favourite by Sunday 18 June.

How to vote

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Good causes

Friends of Chimney Pot Park

We are a group with a constitution. Our purpose is to create and maintain a clean and safe park for everyone. Our main aim is to encourage people to love where they live. We have only been running for two months but in that time we have had a weekly litter pick and removed over 50 bags of rubbish from the park. These have been well attended with over 20 volunteers and also well received by other park users. We have over 400 members following our Facebook page.

We are a new group with several key aims. Coupled with encouraging people to love where they live we want to engage with each and every member of the community. We want to listen to the community and find out what they want from their park and develop an action plan for improvement and diary of events based on what they tell us.

We would like to purchase notice boards to be positioned at each of the entrances and one in a central location. That would be five in total. These will be used to display information about litter picks and recycling, progress on the park and forthcoming events. They would create a sense of entering somewhere which was being cared for.

These need to be secure and weather proof. They will all be wall mounted where possible and should be able to take 6 x A4 sheets (750mm x 750mm)

Friends of Ordsall Parks

We help to maintain both Ordsall and Monmouth Parks by partaking in regular litter picks and gardening sessions. We also report any issues with the parks to the council, and each year we organise a festival in Ordsall Park which is well attended by the local community.

Litter and fly tipping is becoming an increasing problem in Ordsall Park and we would like to purchase some banners to promote people making use of the bins in the park and respecting their local green spaces. These have been seen in other areas and are very effective and eye catching. We would hang these banners on the lamp posts throughout the park.

Healthy Hearts Exercise Group

The project is to provide and promote specialised exercise to people in Ordsall who suffer from long term ill health problems. The exercise takes place under the supervision of a qualified exercise specialist who has the knowledge and experience of managing people with health problems. The programme will include a warm up and cool down, with circuit based and freestyle exercise. Appropriate equipment will be provided and a monitoring process will help us see results.

The exercise group is extremely important to the residents of Ordsall as there are no other similar projects in the area.

The funding will pay for venue and refreshment costs. The aim of the group is to help members to manage their conditions better, get fitter and make friends. The project will also keep members away from GP surgeries and out of hospital beds.

Islington Garden Club

Based on the Islington estate, our gardening group aims to enhance the local area with colour and shape with plants and flowers. We like to do our bit to help the area look neat and tidy and a nice place to visit.

We would like some funding so that we can buy planters, plants, soil and gardening tools to help us make the area look nice and maintain it.

Ordsall Community Arts

We are a grass roots community arts organisation providing free and exciting informal learning opportunities in inner city Salford. We work with local community groups to create celebratory programmes to improve social cohesion and enhance community pride. We engage people through all sorts of different activities including arts, cooking, growing, performing arts and processions.

One of our main activities each year is Lighting the Legend, a community lantern procession produced by local people and enjoyed by thousands over the 23 years it has been running. It usually attracts around 1,500 people to participate in a large scale community celebration.

It also provides 200 places for local people to learn the basic technology to make lanterns or help to make other theatrical props. It will enable local women’s groups to learn how to make and hang banners, which will promote each group. It also enables school groups to learn about the benefits of community involvement.

We would like the funding to contribute to our costs for making the lanterns.

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