The Structures Group of the city council provides a wide range of civil, structural engineering and geotechnical services ranging from bridges and the design of larger buildings to retaining walls, structural inspections and the provision of structural reports. There are two teams in the Group, one undertaking general structural design work and the other concerned primarily with bridge design. Geotechnical investigations are undertaken using specialist site investigation contractors.

There are approximately 410 structures in Salford associated with transportation. 155 are highway bridges of which 94 are maintained by Salford City Council. The rest are motorway bridges, railway bridges, canal bridges, boundary bridges and privately or jointly owned bridges. Bridges are best identified by the name of the road on which they are located and the obstruction which they cross, such as the River Irwell. All highway bridges have been assessed in order to ensure that they are capable of carrying the heavier 40 tonne lorries that use the roads today. Inspection and maintenance of these structures is important for business and transport within the city.

Bridges are inspected as part of an ongoing programme. General Inspection of a bridge is carried out every two years. This consists of a visual inspection from ground level or the deck or any suitable vantage point, carried out in accordance with guidelines. Principal Inspections are carried out on every six years. This requires the close examination of all exposed parts of the structure, using access scaffold, ladders or hydraulic platforms.

The results of these inspections can require major maintenance works or sometimes rebuilding of the structure. Priority for strengthening is given to structures on the major routes together with consideration for safety issues and other matters.

In addition to carrying out maintenance work on the various highway structures, the Structures Group is involved in the design and construction and project management of new highway and footbridges.

Recently constructed bridges with which the Group has been involved include:

  • Pomona Bridge
  • Trafford Road LRT Bridges
  • Trinity Bridge (designed by Dr Santiago Calatrava)
  • Agecroft Footbridge
  • Patricroft Bridge
  • Cadishead Way Stage 1 Relieving Structure
  • Centenary Bridge
  • Lowry Footbridge

Who to contact

If you are aware of damage to a bridge or retaining wall or wish to report a problem, please telephone the city council on 0161 909 6505 (office hours), 0161 643 4000 (outside office hours), or email

You can also use our online reporting to report damage to safety fencing, parapets on bridges, or graffiti on bridges or other highway structures.

If you have an enquiry related to a railway bridge or railway retaining wall, then please contact Network Rail.

If you have an enquiry related to a motorway bridge or motorway retaining wall, then please contact the Highways Agency.

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