Special educational needs

It is important that all young people have access to the whole school community, can participate in it and make progress.

In Salford, we provide a number of services which seek to ensure the presence, participation and progress of all Salford children.

Children with special educational needs

Every child is different in the way that they learn. Schools take account of this when they plan their work.

A few pupils need special or different arrangements, sometimes just for a short time, sometimes for the whole of their school life.

Pupils who need this extra help have special educational needs.

Find out more by visiting the special educational needs pages.

Salford LA is committed to working in partnership to provide better education for all. It promotes the inclusion of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN).

Educational psychology service

The Salford educational psychology service works in partnership with schools, parents/carers, other LA services and services from health, social services and the voluntary sector to promote the learning, social inclusion and emotional wellbeing of Salford children.

Educational psychologists work with school staff and other people involved with children (in particular parents/carers) to help promote new ideas and approaches to children's education. This work is often focused around children experiencing special educational needs.

For those children whose special educational needs are exceptionally severe, persistent and complex, educational psychologists assess the child's special educational needs and give written advice to the Local Authority as to how to appropriately meet those needs. This assessment forms as part of the statutory assessment process, which is also contributed to by other professionals, parents/carers and the child.

Ask for more information at your child's school or telephone 0161 909 6530.

Education welfare service

Education welfare officers provide advice, help and support to parents, children and schools. The aim is to promote regular attendance and to deal with problems such as truancy, school refusal, poor behaviour and bullying.

Officers assist parents when children are excluded from school or when they are being assessed for special educational needs. They are trained to talk to children and young people and can offer professional support to families where there are school related problems.

Telephone 0161 909 6530 for advice.

Inclusive learning services

The inclusive learning services support young people who for one reason or another don't attend school. This may be because:

  • they are sick or in hospital and can't go to school
  • they are young mothers
  • they have been excluded
  • they are being educated otherwise than at school

Telephone 0161 607 1678 for more information.

Parent partnership officer

The main aim of the parent partnership service is to ensure that effective partnerships exist between parents/carers/carers of children with identified special educational or additional needs, schools, governing bodies, the Local Authority, education inclusion service, education psychology service, education welfare service, health authority, social services and voluntary agencies.

Parent partnership officers seek to involve parents/carers as partners in the school-based stages, statutory assessment and statementing process to increase parental understanding for the process, and to deal with issues important to them in a user friendly manner. Telephone 0161 778 0343/0349 for further advice/support.

This page was last updated on 1 May 2012

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