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Saturday 18 February 2012

Light Oaks Park multi-activity Event
Jordan Moore, Salford Integrated Youth Support Services (IYSS)

On Saturday workers from Salford IYSS and Salford Community Leisure provided a number of activities based around Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyle which included sexual health information and guidance, drugs and alcohol advice and information, basketball, football, tennis and face painting. The young people who took part in a sports competition were awarded medals for their effort and participation in the event.

Thank you to the young males and females who took part in these activities even though the weather was not great! Workers were able to engage with new young people and begin to build relationships with them which will enable them to build projects based around the needs and interests of the young people. It was a great opportunity to get to know the young people and for them to take part in these healthy and fun activities.

Around 15 young people took part in the activities which considering the weather was superb!

Friday 17 February 2012

Clothing swap shop
Claire Standish, Environmental Education Officer, Salford City Council

We had a great turnout at the clothing swap shop with 40 people arriving with 172 items to swap. It was so busy that I had to stand in the way until the swap shop was officially opened!

The response was really positive with many people commenting on what a good idea it was and asking when the next one is. In total 122 items were swapped and taken home, a successful day all round.

Police activity
Sergeant Craig Roberts, Greater Manchester Police

Local neighbourhood officers simultaneously executed two drugs search warrants at address on New Herbert Street and Irlam Square today.

A quantity of Class A drugs were recovered and arrests made of a female adult for possession of the drugs. In addition two further male adults were arrested, one for burglary and witness intimidation and another for theft. All three are currently detained at Swinton Police Station.

The team have also been security marking bikes for residents in the area.

"I just wanted to say how visible and available your team has been during the SNAP week in my neighbourhood this week!

I have seen them on the streets, at the Co-op and at the Height Youth Club on Thursday (swapping dresses and shoes!)"

Christine, Claremont resident

Police officer security marking a bike

Indoor Kurling at Height Methodist Church
Lesley Sheldon, Health Improvement Manager, Salford Health Improvement Service

Every Friday afternoon from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, the Health Improvement Service run an indoor kurling session at the Height Methodist Church on King Street and this week we promoted the group as part of SNAP week. ‘New Age' kurling is a gentle form of physical activity in a fun and relaxed environment. The session gives local people an opportunity to socialise and exercise in a friendly and informal setting. As with all Health Improvement Service activities, these fun sessions are free and there is also a chance for a cuppa and a chat at half time.

The Claremont Kurling Team is also part of the Salford Indoor Kurling League and last year finished in third place!

The Claremont, Weaste and Seedley Health Improvement Service also run an indoor kurling session at the Langworthy Cornerstone on Monday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Claremont Kurling Team

Thursday 16 February 2012

Love your bin
Dennis Whittle, Environmental Services, Salford City Council

We knocked on 240 properties in Saxby street, Stapleton Street, New Barton street and spoke to 60 residents regarding waste and recycling issues in the area. We also delivered information leaflets and took requests for waste containers.

Also in attendance in this event were the neighbourhood management team, three PCSOs, Kate Birtles (an ASB Case Officer), a Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service volunteer and resident from Stapleton Street who was volunteering.

SNAP walkabout
Mick Walbank, Neighbourhood Manager, Salford City Council

A group of residents, councillors and council officers met at the Height Library to walk around the local area and identify any issues in the local area that require attention. Overall the area around the Height was in very good condition, however a few issues were raised by residents, including problems on the roads, some environmental problems such as graffiti and litter and some minor parking issues. The SNAP team was instantly mobilised to address the environmental problems and other longer term issues will be dealt with by the neighbourhood management team.

SNAP workers during the walkabout

Operation Gateway
Sergeant Craig Roberts, Greater Manchester Police

Officers from GMPTE teamed up with local police officers to perform an Operation Gateway check on Eccles Old Road, Claremont. This involved stopping 65 busses to check the passengers had valid tickets. In total 1,197 passengers tickets were checked of which 13 were searched using police powers. This resulted in a summons for the offence of fraud and a male being issued with a formal warning for being possession of cannabis.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Services Promotion at the Co-operative Supermarket
Jordan Moore, Darren James and Skippy Roberts, Salford City Council and Nick Jolly, Salford Community Leisure

Salford Integrated Youth Support Services and Salford Community Leisure used the mobile bus facility to promote the work being done in the area with young people. Workers used this opportunity to meet new young people and develop new relationships as well as being available for members of the community to identify any issues.

This activity was very successful, workers met 25 young people most of which were new young people who had not used the services before. Workers set up activities such as project designing, drug and alcohol advice guidance and support, sexual health advice and relationship advice. The young people really enjoyed the activities set up and some left contact numbers for workers to get in touch for future work. Workers found this a great opportunity to meet more young people and engage with the community.

Thank you to all those who attended!

The Smiley Sid
Sergeant Craig Roberts, Greater Manchester Police

The Smiley Sid speed feedback camera has been deployed to Doveleys Road, Claremont Road and Lightoaks Road this week due to reports from residents of speeding motorist. The device detects the speed of a passing vehicle and offers feedback by way of a smiling face if the car is travelling less than 30 miles per hour or a sad face if in excess. In addition, PCSOs have been deployed with a laser speed camera detecting speeding vehicles and offering feedback. No tickets are issued for the speeding but the drivers are informed about their speeding and the operation is run to educate them.

Police officer with speed gun

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Recycling road show
Dennis Whittle and Rachid Nakrachi, Salford City Council

The recycling road show has been well attended. It was an opportunity for local residents to meet the recycling team. There was a great deal of interest shown in the new food waste recycling service. Kitchen caddies and compostable liners were provided to residents planning to take part in the service. The recycling team have also assisted the residents with their inquiries and issues regarding recycling and waste management.

Two men discussing recycling

Candle safety
Melanie Bowling, Community Safety Advisor, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Candle safety lessons were given to shoppers in Salford on Valentine's Day as part of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's (GMFRS) involvement in SNAP week.

Tying in with Cooking Fire Safety Month and with the aim of keeping romantic candle lit dinners safe, the Community Safety Team manned a candle safety information stand in Claremont's Co-op.

Teaching safety to romantic shoppers, they were told to never leave candles unattended and to always place them on a heat resistant surface in a proper candle holder.

More candle safety tips are available.

Later that day, Red Watch at Agecroft took part in SNAP activities in Claremont's Height Library.

On hand as Fireman Sam was read to children, they were also able to offer home fire safety tips to parents before giving the youngsters at 'Story rhyme time' a tour of the fire engine and the equipment on board.

Watch Manager Dave Campbell said: "The children really seemed to enjoy learning about the fire engine and fire safety. One or two of them even made the siren noise while they were inside the fire engine!"

GMFRS join partners including Greater Manchester Police and the Probation Service in SNAP (Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Project) week which is led by Salford City Council. It aims to bring people together to focus on local problems and clean up areas while targeting criminal activity over a week of action.

Follow SNAP news on Twitter with the hashtag #SNAPweek.

Monday 13 February 2012

Smartwater property marking
PC Bree Lanyon, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Pendleton Police Station

As part of SNAP week PCSOs from the Neighbourhood Policing Team at Pendleton have been tasked with visiting addresses of vulnerable people and addresses which are within areas that have been the recent targets of house burglaries. SmartWater is a colourless liquid solution that is simply dabbed onto the uneven surfaces of valuables.

It can be used to code all sorts of items such as jewellery, ornaments, electrical items and even cars. Each bottle contains a unique chemical ‘code' which is registered to the user - conclusively proving ownership. It cannot be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove. The liquid glows under ultraviolet light making it easy for the Police to detect.

Criminals know about SmartWater and fear its power to forensically link them with the scene of a crime. Therefore by coding valuables and displaying the SmartWater deterrent signs, we are hoping to help prevent crime by warning to any thieves and burglars operating in the area.

Yesterday PCSO Carroll and Special Constable Finch attended a retirement home in Claremont in order to SmartWater mark the residents valuable property. They undertook the marking of 16 residents' property, over 50% of the rooms in the home. The remaining rooms will be completed on Wednesday when the residents enjoy the weekly coffee morning.

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