Councillors by ward

Salford City Council has 60 councillors, or elected members, who represent particular areas, known as electoral wards. There are 20 wards and all have three councillors who each serve for four years. Most councillors represent political parties, although they do not have to. Elections take place three out of every four years, when one seat in each ward is open for election. The councillors are listed alphabetically below. Should you wish to consult a local councillor, just click on their name below for further information.

Key to colours used



Councillor Party Retirement
David Jolley Labour 2018
John Mullen (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2016
Michelle Mullen Labour 2015

Boothstown and Ellenbrook

Councillor Party Retirement
Andy Cheetham Conservative 2016
Jillian Collinson Conservative 2018
Robin Garrido Conservative 2015


Councillor Party Retirement
Jim King Labour 2016
Charles McIntyre Labour 2015
John Merry CBE (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2018


Councillor Party Retirement
Christine Hudson (Ceremonial Mayor) Labour 2018
Jimmy Hunt Labour 2015
John Walsh Labour 2016


Councillor Party Retirement
Sareda Dirir Labour 2018
Joe Murphy Labour 2015
Sue Pugh Labour 2016


Councillor Party Retirement
Lisa Stone (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2015
Michael Wheeler Labour 2018
Peter Wheeler Labour 2016


Councillor Party Retirement
Roger Jones (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2018
Joe Kean Labour 2015
Tracy Kelly Labour 2016

Irwell Riverside

Councillor Party Retirement
Stephen Coen (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2016
Jane Hamilton Labour 2018
Stephen Ord Labour 2015


Councillor Party Retirement
Peter Connor (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2016
Ann-Marie Humphreys (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2018
George Wilson Labour 2015


Councillor Party Retirement
Paul Dennett (Strategic Assistant Mayor) Labour 2016
Gina Reynolds Labour 2015
John Warmisham Labour 2018

Little Hulton

Councillor Party Retirement
Eric Burgoyne Labour 2018
Val Burgoyne Labour 2015
Pat Ryan Labour 2016


Councillor Party Retirement
Tanya Burch Labour 2018
Peter Dobbs (Deputy Ceremonial Mayor) Labour 2015
Ray Mashiter Labour 2016


Councillor Party Retirement
John Ferguson Labour 2015
Bernard Lea Labour 2018
Barry Warner Labour 2016

Swinton North

Councillor Party Retirement
Derek Antrobus (Assistant Mayor for Strategic Planning) Labour 2016
Jim Dawson Labour 2015
Bill Hinds (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2018

Swinton South

Councillor Party Retirement
Howard Balkind (Vice Chair Overview and Scrutiny Board) Labour 2018
Neil Blower Labour 2015
Gena Merrett (Assistant Mayor) Labour 2016

Walkden North

Councillor Party Retirement
Adrian Brocklehurst (Vice Chair Children's Scrutiny Panel) Labour 2018
Bernard Pennington Labour 2015
Brendan Ryan Labour 2016

Walkden South

Councillor Party Retirement
Richard Critchley Labour 2016
Iain Lindley Conservative 2015
Les Turner Conservative 2018

Weaste and Seedley

Councillor Party Retirement
Stephen Hesling Labour 2016
Paul Wilson Labour 2015
Ronnie Wilson Labour 2018


Councillor Party Retirement
Paula Boshell (Strategic Assistant Mayor) Labour 2015
David Lancaster (Deputy City Mayor) Labour 2016
Margaret Morris (Chair Health and Adults Scrutiny Panel) Labour 2018


Councillor Party Retirement
Christopher Clarkson Conservative 2015
Graham Compton Conservative 2018
Karen Garrido (Leader of the Conservative Group) Conservative 2016
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