Results for the election held on 7 May 1998

*Denotes retiring councillor

CADISHEAD WARD Party Votes Electorate 6,600
Tony Gillings Liberal Democrat 130  
*Arnold Holt Labour 878 Elected
Thomas E Holt Conservative 410  
Percentage poll 21.48%     Total votes cast: 1,404
IRLAM WARD Party Votes Electorate 7,171
Joseph M Kean Labour 1128 Elected
Julie Wenham Liberal Democrat 276  
Percentage poll 19.58%     Total votes cast 1,601
WINTON WARD Party Votes Electorate 9,305
Patricia Kershaw Conservative 267  
*Vincent Prior Labour 1113 Elected
William J Wain Liberal Democrat 221  
Percentage poll 17.21%     Total votes cast 1,601
BARTON WARD Party Votes Electorate 7,842
Ruth N Brook Conservative 179  
*Robert B Carter Labour 1100 Elected
David A Cowpe Liberal Democrat 144  
Percentage poll 18.15%     Total votes cast 1,423
ECCLES WARD Party Votes Electorate 9,191
Graham Bates Liberal Democrat 335  
*Charles E Johnson Labour 1163 Elected
John J Marshall Conservative 410  
Percentage poll 20.76%     Total votes cast 1,908
SWINTON SOUTH WARD Party Votes Electorate 9,921
Paul J Gregory Liberal Democrat 339  
Keith Mann Labour 997 Elected
Christine G Upton Conservative 672  
Percentage poll 19.79%     Total votes cast 1,963
PENDLEBURY WARD Party Votes Electorate 10,728
Christine Kay Liberal Democrat 244  
Barry Warner Labour 1466 Elected
Marjorie E Weston Conservative 300  
Percentage poll 18.96%     Total votes cast 2,010
SWINTON NORTH WARD Party Votes Electorate 9,109
*Derek Antrobus Labour 1209 Elected
Neil Levay Conservative 301  
Nina N Richards Liberal Democrat 245  
Percentage poll 19.27%     Total votes cast 1,755
WORSLEY & BOOTHSTOWN WARD Party Votes Electorate 11,043
*Robert D Boyd Liberal Democrat 1820 Elected
Eric Burgoyne Labour 557  
Karen M Garrido Conservative 902  
Percentage poll 29.69%     Total votes cast 3,279
WALKDEN SOUTH WARD Party Votes Electorate 11,860
*Valerie M Burgoyne Labour 1296 Elected
Adrian P McDermott Liberal Democrat 490  
John G Mosley Conservative 582  
Percentage poll 19.97     Total votes cast 2,368
WALKDEN NORTH WARD Party Votes Electorate 8,570
Philip A Hall Conservative 158  
*William B Pennington Labour 1185 Elected
Michael R Wilde Liberal Democrat 149  
Percentage poll 17.41%     Total votes cast 1,492
LITTLE HULTON WARD Party Votes Electorate 7.688
Edward Dippnall Liberal Democrat 109  
Yvonne Dippnall Liberal Democrat 117  
Doris Fernandez Labour 859 Elected
Robert McHale Conservative 209  
David Stirrup Conservative 226  
*Marion Wordsworth Labour 755 Elected
Percentage poll 16.97%     Total votes cast 2,275
KERSAL WARD Party Votes Electorate 8,715
*Peter Connor Labour 1321 Elected
Lynn E Drake Liberal Democrat 130  
Rufus Heron Conservative 474  
Percentage poll 22.09%     Total votes cast 1,925
BROUGHTON WARD Party Votes Electorate 6,232
Robert Marshall Conservative 141  
*John D Merry Labour 818 Elected
Sheilah H Wallace Liberal Democrat 132  
Percentage poll 17.51%     Total votes cast 1,091
BLACKFRIARS WARD Party Votes Electorate 5,864
Susan C Carson Liberal Democrat 107  
*Joseph Murphy Labour 622 Elected
Wendy Powell Conservative 61  
Percentage poll 13.47%     Total votes cast 790
ORDSALL WARD Party Votes Electorate 5,285
David D Mitchell Conservative 48  
Neil Ratcliffe Liberal Democrat 50  
*Sydney Turner Labour 486 Elected
Percentage poll 11.05%     Total votes cast 584
LANGWORTHY WARD Party Votes Electorate 6,649
Bernard R Carson Liberal Democrat 122  
John D Copeland No Confidence Group 95  
Ian J Matthews Conservative 66  
Andrew I Salmon Labour 723 Elected
Percentage poll 15.15%     Total votes cast 1,006
PENDLETON WARD Party Votes Electorate 7,331
John N Gray Liberal Democrat 167  
*James Hulmes Labour 890 Elected
Hillary C Lingard Conservative 117  
Percentage poll 16.01%     Total votes cast 1,174
CLAREMONT WARD Party Votes Electorate 9,939
*Peter Grimshaw Labour 995  
George S Herrick Conservative 369 Elected
Norman J Owen Liberal Democrat 774  
Percentage poll 21.51%     Total votes cast 2,138
WEASTE & SEEDLEY WARD Party Votes Electorate 7,718
Sydney Cooper Conservative 345  
Neville A Rogers Liberal Democrat 387  
*Anthony D Ullman Labour 944 Elected
Percentage poll 21.72%     Total votes cast 1,676

Percentage poll for the whole city: 19.39%

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