Previous internet safety winners

2013 winners

As part of Internet Safety Day, Tuesday 5 February 2013, Salford City Council and RM Education ran a competition to win an iPad.

The theme of the competition was 'Connect with respect'.

Pupils were asked to design a poster, produce a short film or write a poem about e-safety.

Our internet safety competition winners were

First place: St Georges RC High School, Alyse, Year 8, A4 poster. Winner of an iPad

First place: St Georges RC High School, Alyse Johnson, Year 8, A4 poster

Second place: Barton Moss Secure Care Centre, Tom, Year 7/8, A3 poster. Winner of a kindle.

Second place: Barton Moss Secure Care Centre, Tom Flemming, Year 7/8, A3 poster

Third place: St Mary's RC Primary (Swinton), James, Year 3, A3 poster. Winner of a kindle

Third place: St Mary's RC Primary (Swinton), James Campbell, Year 3, A3 poster

2012 winners

Students were asked to look at the Anti-bullying Young People's Charter and think how this might apply to safe and responsible use of the internet.

Then design a poster, produce a short film, or write a poem to reflect the message in the charter.

Our internet safety competition winners were from Oakwood High School.

Seven students created an incredible emotive film based on a poem by Mike McGarry and have won for their school an iPad. You can watch the film at the bottom of this page.

Pupils from Oakwood High School and Sue Woodgate from Salford City Council

Joint second place goes to:

  • Isobelle from Christ the King Primary School who wrote a poem
  • James Chant from St Georges RC High School who designed a Facebook poster

You can download Isobelle's poem and James poster at the bottom of this page.

Anti-bullying Young People's Charter

  1. Everywhere should have a zero tolerance approach to bullying
  2. There should be anti-bullying posters and an anti-bullying policy in every place that young people are

If we have been bullied then we need:

  1. A designated person that we can talk to who will listen to us and take action
  2. Assertiveness training to help us stand up for ourselves
  3. The chance to talk to the bully and explain how it made us feel
  4. Cameras or more staff at bullying hotspots to make us feel safe
  5. A confidential phone number to call to get some advice

If we have bullied another person then we need:

  1. A chance to work out why we did it
  2. To learn about different cultures and religions
  3. Someone to listen to my side of the story
  4. A 'chill out room' to calm down
  5. Someone to tell us that the incident is finished and that we can move on

Transcript of the poem by Mike Garry

She sings and she swings in the box bedroom
With half naked WAGS and hunks watching on
Slow beating heart, broken by a boyfriend
Who promised never to play kiss and tell
The gift of a picture on his birthday
Beamed to his phone as the church bell struck twelve
He said if she 'luvd im' she would do it
Never imagining her pose, click send
Would end up on Facebook for all his friends
And their friends, their friends and their friends of theirs
Printed and pinned on the school notice board

Flash bulbs pop as she loosens her tie
And Britney sings, "Hit me babe one more time"

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