Gateway opening in Swinton

This is an archived news story from January 2013

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart announces new £5 million Swinton Gateway Centre

Councillor Bill Hinds, City Mayor Ian Stewart, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Councillor David Lancaster A full transcript of the video is available at the bottom of the page.

A new community hub is to breathe new life into the centre of Swinton.

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart has unveiled plans to develop a £5 million Gateway centre which will bring council, health and children's services under one roof.

The plans will completely transform the council's former adult services building, Crompton House, which has lain empty for the last year because of government cuts.

It will be given a radical new facelift with a gleaming new three storey glass frontage, creating a huge fresh new public space at the entrance. The rest of the building will be given a completely new look with a comprehensive refurbishment of public and office space to provide a sleek, modern, high-quality design.

The current Swinton library will be moved from Lancastrian Hall to the ground floor of the new building, underlining the council's commitment to developing library services.

Upstairs there will be a gallery space and community meeting rooms, as well as office space and the council's customer services team.

The second floor will be the home for a new NHS clinic, providing outpatient facilities for Salford Royal. Swinton clinic's facilities will be moving to the new Gateway centre, including sexual health services, community nursing, speech and language therapy and child immunisations, among others.

Children's centre services, such as help with child development, family health and parenting skills, will also be moved into the new site.

Work is set to start in March and will be completed before the end of the year.

The scheme is being funded by the Salford Primary Care Trust, in a pioneering partnership with the city council.

Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, said: "Gateway centres have been very successful and extremely popular with the public of Salford.

"The new Swinton Gateway will provide a one-stop shop for vital public services where people need them. Bringing a wide range of services under one roof creates a real hub for the local community and a new focus for the town.

"Hopefully it will bring more vibrancy to Swinton and spur increasing economic activity as we continue to stimulate Swinton shopping centre.

"The new development will provide a stunning new building that will help regenerate Swinton town centre. And by joining forces with our local NHS we can drive down costs, which is crucial during these difficult financial times."

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Director of Service Reform, Jack Sharp, said: "The Swinton Gateway will be great hub to provide a one stop centre for all of these services. People will be able to organise their healthcare, take out a library book and receive advice from the council all in the same building.

"The design of the building complements the activities inside. It will be an environment that promotes good health."

Artist's impression of the Swinton Gateway

Video transcript

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart said: "This is a new partnership approach between Salford City Council, the hospital, City West Housing Trust, the police and other agencies, all coming together to make sure that this brand new £5 million facility rejuvenates the centre of Swinton and provides a state-of-the-art facility for Swinton people and their families.

"The centre will provide council facilities, social services, housing trust facilities, and the library will be brought in. This Gateway Centre is the result of the local councillors working with the hospital, the police and the housing trust, to make sure that the people of Swinton have a facility that is relevant and gives them what they need in this area."

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Director of Service Reform, Jack Sharp, said: "We're really excited about the new Swinton Gateway facility, which will provide a hub for health and social care facilities in this area.

"Services that were previously provided for at Swinton Clinic such as community nursing, speech and language therapy and other services for children and families, will be transferred.

"The Gateway will also provide a central hub for outpatient services transferred from Salford Royal, which can be provided closer and in a more appropriate setting for the local community."

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Monday 7 January 2013
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