New governors induction training course

This term we are again offering the one day training course and also the module programme both of which are suitable as an induction for all recently appointed/elected governors or as a refresher course for long serving governors.

New governors induction - a one day training course. Complete your induction training in one day.

The aim of this training day is to give governors more confidence in fulfilling their role by providing them with a ‘job description' and raising awareness and understanding of education and governance issues. The day also offers an excellent opportunity to meet with other newly appointed governors from across the city and share experiences and ideas.

What will the course cover?

Through a variety of activities, presentations, discussions and handouts governors will learn about the overall purpose and responsibilities of the governing body and its three key roles. The course covers:

  • the changing education system and how to cope with all the jargon
  • what the ‘strategic role' involves
  • the range of powers and duties of governing bodies
  • the role of the governing body in school improvement planning and policy-making
  • how the governing body supports and challenges the work of the school
  • what the governing body's role is in monitoring and evaluating the progress of pupils
  • why, how and to whom governing bodies are accountable
  • the role of headteachers and how they account to the governing body through providing information, reports and evidence

Who is this course for?

This full day session is a MUST for all recently appointed governors, including headteachers and staff governors. It can also serve as a refresher course for longer standing governors who have not attended training recently, to update their knowledge in the light of the many new initiatives and developments in education. Lunch will be provided and a programme for the day will be sent out to governors with booking confirmation.

For those governors who cannot attend a full day the course is also offered in two separate sessions held over consecutive weeks.

The two part induction programme.

Part 1. After completing this module, governors should be better able to:

  • understand the main purpose of the governing body
  • explain the three key roles of the governing body
  • identify the main elements of the strategic role
  • define the powers and duties of governing bodies
  • appreciate how the work of effective governing bodies relates to the characteristics of effective schools and feel more confident in their role
  • explain the procedures for governors' meetings and identify ways to contribute with confidence
  • understand how and when the governing body can delegate its powers and share the workload between governors

Part 2. After completing this module, governors should be better able to:

  • understand the role of the governing body in school development / improvement planning
  • identify ways in which the governing body should support and challenge the work of the school
  • define the governing body's role in monitoring and evaluating the school's plans and policies
  • ensure that governors' visits to school have a focus and contribute towards better informed decision-making
  • explain why, how and to whom schools are accountable
  • define the head's accountability to the governing body and the governing body's accountability to key partners
  • identify good practice in the production of the school profile and prospectuses

You can apply in the following ways:

Confirmation of booking

You will receive a confirmation of your booking approximately seven days before the course is due to take place. Please telephone us if you have not received anything within that time.

For further help please telephone the Governor Services helpline on 0161 778 0265.

This page was last updated on 5 March 2013

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