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Register of electors
…electors (otherwise known as the electoral roll) is a record of everyone…new system is called 'Individual Electoral Registration' . Currently, the 'head of…
Relevance: 65%
Size: 23.7K

…Anonymous registration for electoral roll (June 2007) …is designed to protect people at risk if their details appear on the electoral register. Those at risk can apply to their local authority in England and…
Relevance: 63%
Size: 16.6K

Frequently asked questions about elections
…I've just moved, how do I change my details on the electoral register? …online form and we'll post you what you need to change your details. …Can anyone see my name on the electoral register? …
Relevance: 39%
Size: 23.0K

Meat pies, sausage rolls, etc
…Sausage Roll, Pasty or Pastie, Bridie …
Relevance: 38%
Size: 18.9K

Roll up for a cheese walk
…event. …And Assistant Mayor for Culture Ann-Marie was on hand for a cheese roll along the canal towpath. The Worsley Cheese Walk will take place on Saturday 16 March at 2.00pm as part of English Tourism…
Relevance: 38%
Size: 17.4K

Meat pies, sausage rolls, etc
…Sausage Roll, Pasty or Pastie, Bridie …
Relevance: 38%
Size: 18.7K

Disclosure log
…Entitlement of the electoral register when requested …The following organisations and individuals are entitled to a copy of the electoral register on request …
Relevance: 38%
Size: 17.9K

Pilot scheme evaluation
…The Electoral Commission's evaluation report on Salford's pilot all-postal ballot, conducted for the May…The Electoral Commission is a public body established under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000…
Relevance: 35%
Size: 17.0K

Timetable of events
…Report to the Electoral Matters Working Party on terms…responses and report prepared for Electoral Matters Committee on proposed revised…
Relevance: 35%
Size: 17.4K

Voting in person
…If you are on the electoral register and are eligible to vote in the election, you should receive…The presiding officer will check off your name and address on the electoral register and enter your elector number on a list beside the number…
Relevance: 31%
Size: 20.7K

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