Use of pictures, logos and other images

Councillor Derek Antrobus, Salford City Council assistant mayor

Keep the use of graphics to a minimum. Avoid the use of pointless graphics which provide no relevance to the information on the page. If you do use graphics within your pages you must follow these standards.

Image size and download times

Large graphics will causes pages to download very slowly. You might not notice the difference at work but if you try to view such pages from home, the story might be completely different. The total size of all graphics within a single web page must not exceed 50kb.

Image quality and types

Clipart of any description is not permitted on the website. Any use of clipart will be removed from your web pages.

  • Animated graphics are not permitted on the website
  • If you do use graphics, always choose a crisp clear image

Alternative text and images containing 'useful information'

You must always use alternative text to briefly describe images. Alternative text enables web users with a visual impairment to make sense of the image portrayed on the web page.

Using assistive technologies the content of the image is described via the alternative text. Thus it is important to make the alternative text sensible and descriptive - it simply isn't sufficient to say 'image'. Pass your mouse over the image displayed on this page for an example of good practice in using alternative text.

Graphs and charts can be produced in graphic format but the information the graphic contains must also be provided in text format in order that people with a visual impairment are not disadvantaged.

Consent for pictures of children and young adults

Generally, it is essential that proper consent has been sought and obtained for all pictures which might be used by the city council. Special considerations apply when you take photographs of children and young people which might be used on the internet. This applies to all children and young people but you should be especially sensitive in the case of children with special educational needs.

Salford City Council's logo

Our logo is the city council's identity mark and is a registered trademark, and is available in two versions, magenta and black.

Guidelines exist to ensure that the logo is correct correctly. These cover:

  • The use of colour
  • Clear area around the logo
  • Logo placement
  • Incorrect usage

If you want a Salford City Council logo for any purpose, you will need to request a copy from the council's Creative Services team.

If you just need the corporate logo specifications you can download a copy of the corporate logo guidelines below.

This page was last updated on 14 August 2013

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