Universal Credit – preparing for full digital service

Full Digital Universal Credit will roll out to Salford in September 2018.

Universal Credit radically changes the way benefits  are claimed, managed and paid. This workshop will bring you right up to date with the reforms and identify ways that you can support residents who are worried about how it will affect them.

This workshop replaces the Universal credit overview workshop. It covers the same basics with updates on how full digital universal credit will work in practice.

Workshop content

  • What benefits does universal credit replace?
  • Updated timetable for Universal Credit roll out in Salford
  • What will trigger a claim for Universal Credit?
  • How are existing “live system” universal credit claimants affected
  • How to support vulnerable residents to manage their digital journal
  • Short-term benefit advances and waiting for the first payment
  • How to manage monthly payments
  • Emerging issues from other full digital service areas
  • Claimant commitment
  • How to prepare residents now for the changes

We will be running our next programme of welfare reform workshops from January 2019. If you would like one of the workshops or a bespoke workshop for your team then please contact Debbie.witton@salford.gov.uk for details.

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