View your benefit claim

You can view your benefits claim by registering for a Salford customer account.

If you already have a customer account you login to your account using the login fields above.

Register for a customer account now

What else you can do with an account

You’ll also be able to manage your council tax account, easily report a problem to us, get contact details for your local councillors and MP and find out when your bins will be emptied.

With an account, you can access free Wi-Fi in the city’s Gateway centres and Broughton Hub. You just need to use your Salford customer account username and password on your phone, tablet or laptop when connecting to the Salford City Council network in any of those locations.

Looking for a home

If you’re looking for a new home to rent in the city and you’re currently a Salford Home Search member, you’ll be able to place your expressions of interest without having to login again. If you’re not a Salford Home Search member you’ll be able to search for available properties and have some of your registration form pre-filled should you decide to register.

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