How to recycle more

Help the 'good cause' you have voted for to win their reward by recycling even more of your waste.

Take a look at the list below, there may be some things you didn't know could be recycled.

From your bathroom, you can recycle...

  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles (brown bin) 
  • Empty hairspray and deodorant bottles (brown bin) 
  • Bleach and cleaning product bottles (brown bin) 
  • Toilet roll tubes (blue bin)
  • Cardboard packaging for toothpaste, razors and cosmetics (blue bin)

From your bedroom, you can recycle...

  • Gift and clothes tags (blue bin) 
  • Empty perfume and aftershave bottles (brown bin)   
  • Receipts (blue bin)

Sorry, but please do not recycle plastic hangers as this is a different type of plastic that we cannot yet recycle.

From your kitchen, you can recycle...

  • Cereal boxes (blue bin)
  • Food cans (brown bin) 
  • Food and drink cartons (tetra paks) (blue bin) 
  • Clean foil (brown bin) 
  • Foil take away trays (brown bin) 
  • Kitchen roll tubes (blue bin) 
  • Kitchen roll (blue bin)
  • Plastic bottles (brown bin) 
  • Glass jars and bottles (brown bin) 
  • Tea bags (pink lidded bin) 
  • Peelings (pink lidded bin)   
  • Leftovers from your plate (pink lidded bin)   
  • Out of date food (pink lidded bin)   
  • Pet food (pink lidded bin)   

Sorry, but please do not recycle yoghurt pots, butter/margarine tubs, food trays, plastic cups, plastic wrapping or plastic bags as these are different types of plastic that we cannot yet recycle.

From your living room, you can recycle...

  • Newspapers, magazines, brochures and catelogues (blue bin) 
  • Telephone directories (blue bin) 
  • Leaflets and junk mail (blue bin) 
  • Wine bottles (brown bin) 
  • Drinks cans  (brown bin)
  • Flowers (pink lidded bin)   
  • Plants (no soil) (pink lidded bin)  
  • Greeting cards (blue bin) 

Need extra recycling bins?

If you need additional recycling bins or an indoor kitchen caddy (including compostable liners) you can order them free of charge using our online reporting form.

This page was last updated on 1 April 2016

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