Recycle and Reward: Little Hulton and Walkden

The Recycle and Reward scheme will close after this round of voting. This is your last chance to vote for a good cause to receive up to £1,000 worth of rewards, vote now!

The good causes for Little Hulton and Walkden are listed below. Please vote for your favourite by 10 December.

How to vote

To vote you'll just need a working email address and follow these three steps:

  1. Make your choice and click 'Vote'
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Open the email you'll be sent and click the confirm vote link

Good causes

All Grown Up Roleplay

We are a new play centre in the centre of Walkden for under 6 year olds. It is based around roleplay and imaginative play, pre-schoolers can pretend to be doctors, hairdressers, builders, shop keepers plus much more. There is nothing else in the local area for young children and all other soft play centres can be a little too boisterous for the younger age range.

We would like to provide more classes such as baby signing classes, language courses for babies/toddlers as well as equipment to provide 'messy play' sessions.

Walkden Manor Care Home

We are a residential care home with 28 members. All the residents benefit in all aspects, they are our main priority. We run array of activities and outings etc.

We would like the funding to purchases items and activities to cater for dementia patients.

Fives Athletic Football Club 

We are a small football club based in the centre of Walkden with 65 members and our own ground based at Whittle Street. The club provides opportunity for local young people to get involved with organised football activities. We run three junior teams (children aged between 10 and 13 years) who play locally in the Salford and Districts League and are in the process of starting a new team for 18-23 year olds which will play in a local league in the upcoming season. We provide opportunities for our members to receive training from qualified coaches and represent the club competing in matches in local leagues. The club is run entirely by a group of volunteers who give up their spare time to support the running of our teams and facility.

Based in the Walkden North area of Salford, our membership is primarily from Walkden and Worsley although we do have members from Swinton, Weaste, Claremont and Broughton. The area suffers from anti-social behaviour and crime, which is a constant challenge for the club in terms of time and financially.

We would like funding to pay towards the cost of hiring winter training facilities for our teams. If successful this will allow the club to maintain its current membership, as well as creating the opportunity to increase it. Training throughout the winter months allows the club to continue providing training sessions for local young people year round. This allows us to engage more people in our activities, keeping people active and healthy through participation in sport.

Peel Resource Centre Residents Association

Peel Resource centre tenants and residents association work with the community to host a variety of educational courses and school holiday family projects that help benefit the whole commuity. We are currently running Ambition for Ageing, which is a project to help make Salford more Age Friendly.

We are looking to bring together a core group of older people who live on their own to meet on a regular basis at Peel Resource centre.  We plan to organise five community lunches and a trip to Bury Market so that people who are aged over 70 can come together, make new friends and reacquaint themselves with old friends in a safe, warm and friendly environment.  Once we have piloted the community lunches and sought feedback we hope to continue building up regular attendance of residents that aims to tackle loneliness. The funds would provide start up costs for the older peoples project and we can use the money to pay for food, entertainment and a new cooker for the community centre.

This page was last updated on 20 November 2017

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