Recycle and Reward: Swinton and Pendlebury

The Recycle and Reward scheme will close after this round of voting. This is your last chance to vote for a good cause to receive up to £1,000 worth of rewards, vote now!

The good causes for Swinton and Pendlebury are listed below. Please vote for your favourite by 10 December.

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Good causes

3rd Swinton Scouts

3rd Swinton Scouts is run by volunteers. We have a Beavers group and a Cub group. We don’t have a scout group as we don’t have enough volunteers or young people to participate. Our activities mainly take place in the church hall, which aims at the badges they can achieve. The beavers and cubs learn essential skills such as knots, personal safety, animal care, world sustainability and about different religions. Although we can take them out for free trips, we are unable to go on camps trips or undertake exciting new days out due to lack of funding and resources. The funding would help with this and to buy camping and other equipment, ropes, stationary, games (soft archery, basketball nets) to help the cubs and beavers achieve their badges.

Folly Lane ARLFC

The Rugby Club aims to develop children’s skills and abilities through to adult teams. We start training children from the age of three.

We currently train at Swinton high school, Broughton Rugby Union, Ambrose high School in the Winter months, and all the older teams starting with under 12s train at Gorilla Warfare Gym once a week. We play games all over the northwest.

We deliver projects which meet the needs of the local community, develop partnerships of communication, trust or co-operation between divided communities and try to improve environmental issues, health and wellbeing and  community safety for local communities whilst supporting community venues to become or remain sustainable.

We are currently refurbishing our club house which is costing a lot of money, all our volunteers are spending a lot of time in the club house and funding would help buy materials.

Helping Hands

Community is a charity for the relief of poverty in Salford and works closely with Helping Hands, which is a not for profit Limited Company in order to improve the quality of life for people in Salford, particularly to the disadvantaged and vulnerable. One of the services the charity provides is the loan of equipment, specifically wheelchairs, walkers and other small aids to those who do not qualify for statutory services and have a need for a wheelchair for a period of time, generally up to three months, or to enable families to take elderly relatives on holiday or shopping at the weekend in order to reduce isolation. There is no charge for this service, which is provided throughout Salford.

The charity accepts donations of futniture, including white goods, clothing, bedding, towels, kitchen equipment which are repaired and recycled, free of charge, to those in need in the local community.

Funding will enable the purchase of eight new wheelchairs that will be used many times by many Salford people who without the loan would not be able to get out, thus reducing social isolation and increasing well-being.

You Can Community Club

Using projects in sports, arts, outdoor pursuits, media and educational workshops, we develop the personal, social and emotional wellbeing of young people aged 10 to 25 years old. Our members are young people who have physical and/ or mental disabilities, young people who live in care and any young person who feels socially isolated. We also support the siblings, families and carers of our members through respite care and information services. The club is passionate about equality and disability. We increase awareness about disability by providing inclusive and safe environments, where all young people can flourish together and we deliver projects that help integrate young disabled people into their local communities.  We deliver a range of youth clubs, school holiday trips and residential stays providing outcomes for our members and respite for their families and will use the funds to purchase equipment to improve the quality of our youth club sessions.

7th Swinton Guides

We take the guides camping with other guides from Holy Rood Church and Pendlebury. The group is learning camping and cooking skills, and takes part in various activities. At the camp the girls also learn other outdoor skills.

The guides get involved in all activities concerning the church and take part in all district organised events. We occasionally invite professionals to our guide meetings to talk about health, diets and wellbeing. The guides nominate a charity and hold a fundraising night for this charity. We encourage guides to recycle and ensure they take this message home.

We would like the funding to purchase tents. This camping equipment would be used by all the Uniformed Organisations in the district.

Clifton community allotment

Our allotment group is a new project for the Clifton community. We aim to bring people together to learn to grow fruit and vegetables and hope they will be able to take some home grown veg away with them! We are also involving families in creating a wildlife area with both adults and children giving ideas about what wildlife we can aim to attract.

We would like funding to help create our wildlife area, This would include buying seeds, bulbs, fruit trees and bushes to attract wildlife, getting materials to build a shelter so we can still have children planting when we have bad weather, and providing seating for our elderly members.

Critchley House Community Hub

Critchley House Community Hub is a service run by AgeUK Salford, an independent local charity working to improve the lives of all older people in Salford.

The hub is a social and wellbeing centre for older people based in Swinton and has only been open for three years. We have a manager, a qualified chef and a team of loyal, hardworking volunteers. We have lots of groups and activities including a cookery group for older men, a local history group, IT courses, a writing group, a gardening group, crafts and knitting. People also use the hub to access other support such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Pension Wise service, wellbeing advice and planning for later life.

Critchley House Social Centre is an unfunded service working hard to combat social isolation and loneliness in later life. We rely on income generating and fundraising activities to help to contribute towards the costly upkeep of the centre. We also apply for small pockets of funding (like this one) to help to support the work that we do for the benefit of older people in the local area.

We would use the funding to create more income generating activities at the centre. Our gardening group are keen to make pots and baskets to sell. This would ensure the sustainability of the group and also contribute towards the overall upkeep of the centre. We would also like to create a walking group for the local area, utilising the knowledge of our history group to link in with the heritage trail of Swinton and Pendlebury.

Mossfield Primary School

We are a community primary school with approximately 400 children. We are looking for donations for our annual summer fair, which directly benefits the children at our school.

The money raised at the fair is used to subsidise school trips and sporting events that would not otherwise go ahead. If we raise enough, we then use the extra money to purchase educational resources that current government funding does not cover.

We know that there are lots of other worthy causes in the area, so we’re not asking for much! However, if we are successful in the voting, we would like to get a small raffle prize for the summer fair. This would mean that we do not have to provide a prize from the school budget and the children will have the direct benefit of this.

St Mary's Brownies, St Mary's RC Church

The group is for girls from 7 to 11 years old of all denominations. We give the girls opportunities to do activities they wouldn't normally be able to do, such as crafts, outdoor activities, visiting the fire station, completing badges, raising money for charity, baking and camping.

We aim to raise girls’ aspirations, develop independence, develop community skills and help those less well off. We also have a number of volunteers who develop leadership skills enabling them to return to work, complete their Duke of Edinburgh etc.

Our youngsters and volunteers benefit enormously. We support emotional wellbeing for our youngsters, reduce obesity, fundraise for local projects and create resilient, strong girls who will go on to be confident young women. 

We would like to purchase crafts and planting materials. The girls would like to develop planting areas where vegetables etc could be grown to give to the local community and for us to use in baking and cooking. We would like a small bench to sit on as we currently spend lots of time outside in the grounds but for two of our group standing up for a long period is challenging. Crafts would be used to develop some large scale art works to display in our local community including the library.

St Mary's R.C. Primary School

We are a local primary school with 270 children. We are aiming to build awareness amongst the children and their parents about the need to protect our world, starting with what is outside our front door in the local area. We are blessed with green parks in Manchester but we want the children to develop an interest in these areas and to start understanding them and using them more.

We now have an allocated area in the school grounds where we wish to build an allotment that would be fit for purpose. This would be created and maintained all year round by the children. We would like to have a poly tunnel so we can try to grow plants and fruits in different climates. The allotment would also have a sensory garden area for the children and adults to enjoy, especially those with particular needs.

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