Pre-purchasing a grave

Lawn-type graves

We receive more and more enquiries from families about whether it is possible to buy graves long before they might be used. In recent years, it has become more acceptable to talk about death and funerals, and as most funeral directors now provide a pre-paid funeral plan, it seems sensible to purchase the grave at the same time.

This can be done by calling into the cemetery office at Agecroft where the staff will be pleased to assist you with any queries which you may wish to discuss. Payment for the grave should be made at this time and grave deeds will then be issued as proof of ownership.

Because of the varying ground conditions within the cemeteries, graves will only facilitate two interments. This matter will be discussed by the cemetery office staff.

The city council operates a lawn-type grave system within the four cemeteries. The height, style and design of each memorial is restricted and kerbstones and other forms of ornamentation are no longer allowed to be erected upon the grave.

The grave spaces are leased over a 75 year period, and during that time, the grassed areas will be maintained by the city council's grounds maintenance team.

After the initial 75 year lease period has expired, the grave owner may be offered a further lease period for an appropriate fee.

Each grave can accommodate up to three coffins plus caskets of cremated remains, depending upon the area and denomination of land that is required for the grave.

The cemeteries can provide graves in Roman Catholic plots, Church of England ground, Non Conformist, (eg Baptist, Methodist), Muslim graves and cremated remains graves.

The grave deed is issued to the registered grave owner when the appropriate fee has been paid, and must be retained until it is required to prepare the grave for interment, when the deed must be produced at the cemetery office as proof of identity and ownership.

The exclusive rights of burial may be transferred to someone else providing the grave owner completes the appropriate paperwork, which may be obtained from the cemetery office.

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