Changes to Register Office services because of coronavirus

The Register Office is introducing emergency measures to prioritise their services. Face coverings must be worn at all times unless you are medically exempt.

Death registrations

Due to the Emergency Coronavirus Act 2020 from Monday 30 March 2020 all appointments will now be completed by telephone. There will be no access to the Register Office in person.

The Register Office is only offering death registration appointments during this time.

You should still ring to make an appointment on 0161 793 2500. The Registrars’ will telephone you on the date and time of your appointment to take some information to complete the registration. If you require death certificates you can pay over the phone with a debit/credit card at the time of your appointment. The certificates will be posted out to you by first class mail.

The paperwork for the funeral will be sent directly to your undertakers.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we will not be issuing copy certificates. However, if you are applying for a certified copy for a recent death or the initial certificate after an inquest has taken place, please call 0161 793 2500.

We thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

Please be aware deaths still need to be registered within five days from the date of death.

You will need to contact the hospital or your GP to confirm that the medical cause of death certificate will be scanned to the Register Office before you attend your appointment to register.

All medical cause of death certificates will now be received by email and scanning and should be sent to We will advise you further when you make your appointment.

If the death has been referred to the coroner, you need to ensure the paperwork is ready before making your appointment. Please see our web pages for more information on the procedure for registering a death.

Wedding and civil partnership ceremonies

We are continually reviewing our ceremony provision in consultation with Salford Public Health, to maintain the safety of all our customers who attend the Register Office, and also our staff. Please keep checking this website for further updates. The measures detailed below will be in place until at least early 2022.

Some control measures will be in place to limit any risk to customers and staff which will include the need for ALL attendees to wear face masks (with the exception of the couple to be married or hold a civil partnership). We cannot permit entrance to a ceremony and our buildings without the wearing of a face mask (if you have queries regarding exemptions please contact us at your earliest convenience). Hand sanitisation will also be required and ventilation with open windows within the building. However we are pleased to inform our customers that a full ceremony with readings and music if desired is now permitted. If you wish to be given away and make a formal entrance during your ceremony you may do so. Please see below specific information for ceremonies held at the Town Hall in Swinton and for Approved Venues across our city.

If you have any concerns about your ceremony please email and our registrars can discuss options with you. We strongly advise that any ceremonies due in 2021 and even early 2022 could still have safety measures or government restrictions in place and Salford Register Office will be committed to ensuring all control measures are adhered to, ensuring the safety of our staff and customers. Please do not contact us at this time if your ceremony is over 3 months as we need to prioritise those couples who have an imminent ceremony date.

We understand this may be disappointing still for our customers but we would advise you to be very cautious about booking your ceremony during this time as a deposit payment will be required to secure your ceremony date which is none refundable.

Outdoor ceremonies

The government has announced that in some circumstances ceremonies can now take place outside. This is permissible from 1 July 2021 until April 2022 to allow couples to have more flexibility and choice, with a larger number of guests allowed during these difficult times. Ceremonies are only allowed outside between these dates and can only take place in the following circumstances:

  • In the grounds of an approved venue only. Couples should check with the venue in the first instance to determine if this is possible and the location should still remained dignified and suitable to hold a ceremony. Should a temporary structure be in place outside such as a marquee or canopy this cannot be enclosed although a roof would be permissible.
  • Couples should also check exactly how many guests the outdoor space at the venue can hold.
  • Until further notice, there will still be specific covid safety measures in place for the exchange of rings and the signing of the legal schedule.
  • There must be a plan in place in the event of poor weather.
    • This includes the need to relocate to the approved venue ceremony room, where all covid measures will be reinstated and guests will be limited in accordance with the venue risk assessment. In this circumstance, not all guests would be able to attend.

If you wish to hold your ceremony outside at a venue, once you have agreed this at the venue please contact Salford Register Office to discuss your ceremony options by emailing We cannot offer outside ceremonies at the Town Hall.

Ceremonies at the Town Hall

We are committed to ensuring the safety of all our customers and staff and will be adhering to control measures that will facilitate larger ceremonies to go ahead. This has allowed us to accommodate 40 people in total to attend a ceremony which includes the couple, witnesses and a designated photographer. All guests must be seated and we cannot accommodate any extra guests at this time.

Although the government has not put a limit for the number of guests permitted at a ceremony, it is advised to maintain safety measures and therefore the current number of people allowed at the Town Hall will be 40. This is in consultation with Salford Public Health and Salford City Council, please therefore do not ask our Registrars for any concession to this decision. A further review will take place early 2022.

To reduce any risks there will be open doors and ventilation, hand sanitisation on entrance and masks will be required. The Registrars’ will maintain their distance throughout the ceremony. Please see the booking conditions at the Town Hall page for further information.

All guests (including the bride/groom/civil partners) will be guided into the room by the Registrar. We will allow any separate entrance by the bride/groom/civil partners and bridesmaids or pageboys. You may now also choose your vows and enhance your ceremony with a reading. You can also have music for the entrance and signing the signing of the schedule and photographs. You must notify us if you wish to include these options by completing your ceremony checklist. We cannot allow any additional guests into the Ceremony Room under any circumstances. Any additional guests will not be permitted into the Town Hall.

All guests at the ceremony must still wear facemasks following advice from Salford City Council and Public Health. Bride/groom/civil partners are exempt. However, if you do choose to wear a face mask you will be asked to remove them during the spoken vows.

If you have any concerns regarding your ceremony please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

We apologise for any upset this may cause and hope you understand the necessity in making this decision. You may wish to postpone or cancel your ceremony during this period, however, certain fees will still apply as confirmed within the booking conditions.

Ceremonies at approved premises

Venues can only reopen in accordance with the government guidelines and may have their own control measures in place. This can still include restricting numbers and insisting on the wearing of facemasks etc. You should check with your venue on what guidelines are in operation.

This also means you may have a reduced number of guests at your ceremony, dependent on the size of the room and what distancing measures are maintained and you should contact the venue for advice on volumes of guests permitted. This is in accordance with government advice and to ensure the safety of all persons present.

You can now have a choice of ceremony and vows, and include readings or poetry. You will need to notify the Registrar in advance if you wish to do this, by completing your ceremony check list.

All guests at the ceremony should still wear facemasks to further protect all in attendance. Bride/groom/civil partners are exempt. However, if you do choose to wear a face mask you will be asked to remove them during the spoken vows.

Please see the booking conditions for approved premises for further information.

NHS Track and Trace

The NHS test and trace service forms a central part of the government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy for England. The service will play an important role in providing an early warning if COVID-19 activity is increasing locally, regionally or nationally. Information will be used by the government to help stop the spread of the virus.

The General Date Protection Regulations allows the Register Office to use your contact information, for this purpose. Your personal data will be deleted after 21 days from the date of your ceremoony and will not be shared with the NHS Track and Trace. Please see the government website for further information. 

New bookings

For any new ceremony bookings within the city of Salford whether it is at one of our venues (subject to venue availability) or the Town Hall.

You should be aware, any future ceremony bookings may be subject to change in accordance with any government guidelines issued and Salford Register Office cannot be held responsible for these changes.

You can also make a provisional booking to secure your date and time if you desire. Please see our ceremony pages for more information.

Notices of marriage/civil partnership

We are experiencing a high level of demand for notice appointments. Please keep checking our online booking system for availability to make your appointment to give notice when your ceremony date is within 12 months.

If you have made a provisional booking you can make an appointment with us online if you live in the Salford area and your ceremony date is within 12 months. Your provisional booking form will confirm the dates when you can make an appointment.

If your ceremony is taking place outside the city of Salford, you should check with the Register Office of that district prior to making an appointment at Salford.

We will be unable to refund your notice fee, if you make an appointment at Salford to give your notice, and your ceremony cannot go ahead within another area.

We are very busy with notices and are prioritising those customers who have had to cancel or postpone their ceremony due to the pandemic. If you cannot get an appointment and you need to urgently give your notice please email

Please see our legal requirements page for more information on what you need to give a notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Churches and religious buildings

If you require a Registrar from Salford Register office to attend your ceremony at a religious building please make an appointment to book your notice of marriage. You can book an appointment online. Please check the availability of appointments ensuring you book this at the earliest opportunity within 12 months of the date of your ceremony to avoid disappointment.

Where a Registrar is required to attend these buildings there will be certain control measures in place including the need for our Registrars’ to maintain their distance at all times. You should also check if there are further measures and restrictions in place at the building.

If you do not require a Registrar to attend and you have been advised to give a notice of marriage, please ensure you check availability for appointments and book in advance of your ceremony date, to avoid disappointment as there is a high demand for this service at present.

Please see our ceremony pages for more information on the legal requirements for getting married in a church/religious building.

Birth registrations

You can make an appointment to register the birth of your child online. Or telephone 0161 793 2500 if you are unable to use the online appointment system.

You can only register your child at Salford Register Office if you child was born in the city of Salford or the child was born in either Bolton or Manchester and the mother lives in the city of Salford.

You should not make an appointment if you or any member of your household has or is displaying symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. You must ensure you follow the government guidance and self isolate for 14 days before making your appointment.

What to expect when you arrive

Face coverings must be worn at all time unless you are medically exempt.

The Register Office is operating a strict social distancing policy throughout our offices and you will not be able to access the building without an appointment. Your safety as well as the safety of our Registrars’ is very important, and therefore we will ask that you hand sanitize on entering and exiting the building as well as during your appointment.

We will ensure the social distancing measures are followed by asking you to attend on your own if you are a married couple (as mother or father are able to register). If you are not married, you may attend together as this is required to enter father’s details into the register.

We respectfully ask that all our customers do not bring any prams or children into the office. If you do need to bring your baby with you, you must bring a baby carrier and not a pram.

You should plan your journey to arrive no later than five minutes before your appointment time. You will need to wait outside the Register Office entrance until the doorway is clear. You should then ring the intercom at your appointment time to notify us that you have arrived. We have to be strict in ensuring our customers only enter the building at the allocated appointment time to maintain the safety of all customers and staff. You will not be able to complete the birth registration if you arrive any later than your appointment time. Unfortunately if you do arrive any later we will ask you to make another appointment. This is to ensure we have the minimum customers attending at each appointment time.

We will be operating a strict entrance policy, ensuring only one appointment at a time enters the building. We do ask that you follow the social distancing guidance outside the building and markers are in place for you to stand whilst you wait for access.

Only one person (maximum two) can come to the door to gain access to the building. You will be asked for your name and your appointment time via the intercom. Once this is confirmed you will enter the building and be directed where to go. Please therefore do not come to the Register Office door, until the previous customer(s) have entered and the doorway is clear.

Please be aware there will be no access to toilets or baby changing facilities during this time, to ensure the government guidelines are followed.

We are operating a one-way system for your safety and therefore when you have completed the registration, you will be shown where to exit.

Disabled access

If you require disabled access please do not book your appointment online. You will need to telephone 0161 793 2500. This is so we can book your appointment for you at a suitable and convenient time, allowing you access to the building whilst maintaining your own safety.

Booking information

When you book your appointment you will be sent confirmation of your date and time and what to bring with you to the appointment.

Please see our how to register a birth page for more information and what you will need to provide at your appointment.

British citizenship ceremonies

It has been announced that British Citizenship Ceremonies can now re-start with a limited service to keep everybody safe. This means that until further notice, all our citizenship ceremonies will be offered on an individual basis. We are unable to conduct public group ceremonies at this time.

We will be prioritising those customers who have been delayed due to the pandemic and have been waiting to have their ceremony since March 2020. Therefore from Thursday 23 July we would like to invite those customers who have already received their Home Office invitation letter, to contact Salford Register Office to book a date for their individual ceremony. You will need to bring your Home Office letter and photographic identification when attending your ceremony. 

Ceremonies will be completed in a private room within the Register Office and will start from 4 August 2020 onwards. Only the applicant will be allowed to attend, we cannot accommodate any children or guests. If you do prefer to wait until group ceremonies become available you may do so. You should inform Salford Register Office if you choose to do this.

If you have any queries please email

Applications for certificates

The online application form for a copy certificate is now available again.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have limited capacity to process applications and it may take longer for you to receive your certificates.

We will still process priority applications where there is an urgent need for the certificate.

Please only apply for certificates if you cannot wait until the current restrictions are over. Unfortunately we cannot process requests for family history at this current time.

Certificates will be posted out within our current timescales, however, we cannot be held responsible for any delays due to postal delivery services.

Appointments at other venues

Appointments at Broughton Hub and Salford Royal Hospital will no longer be available until further notice.

This page was last updated on 26 October 2021

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