How a non-domestic property is valued when more than one occupier

The legislation has been amended to take into account the way certain properties are valued by the VOA for business rates. 

When two properties (i.e. two separate floors in an office building) are occupied by the same person or company and all parts are contiguous (i.e. touching in some way) they will be valued as one property rather than two separate properties.

An example is shown below:

Company B and C share the occupancy of a sixth floor building. Company B occupies ground, first and second floors and Company C occupies the remainder of the floors. All floors are accessed by a communal area i.e. lift, stairs, hallways.

Before this change:

  • Company B would have had three separate assessments - ground, first and second floors
  • Company C would have had separate assessments for third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors

After the change:

  • Company B and C will have one assessment each

This change takes effect for the financial year beginning on or after 1 April 2010. A ratepayer can ask for a reconsideration where a property has been previously split into more than one assessment.

If you want to find out more information about these changes please go to the GOV.UK website where you can also use the Check and Challenge process if you think that these changes may apply to you.

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