Friends Against Scams Organisation

Friends Against Scams

Salford City Council became a Friends Against Scams Organisation in June 2018 and are committed to raising awareness about scams at every opportunity.

Scams affect the lives of millions of people across the UK. People who are scammed often experience loneliness, shame and social isolation. Friends Against Scams aims to inspire action, highlight the scale of the problem, change the perceptions of why people fall victim to scams and make scams a local, regional and national topic.

The scheme is run by National Trading Standards, and provides members with information and training on scams and help in assisting victims.

Scams come in many forms, including junk mail, nuisance calls, doorstep callers and many online methods, this means it is important that as many people as possible need to be aware of the warning signs.

Research shows that 53% of people over 65 have been targeted by scammers, so it is important for everyone to have an understanding of scams to prevent them becoming victims, and also to help others who may have fallen victim.

If you think you have been a victim of a scam you can report it to Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 223 1133 or via their website.

You too can become a Friend Against Scams and take a stand against scams by taking free online training.

To find out more go to the Friends Against Scams website

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