Baby massage

Baby massage is great for both parents and babies.

  • It helps you to bond, get to know each other and spend quality time together
  • Physical contact is good for babies, it improves their breathing, circulation, digestion and growth
  • It's a good source of sensory and muscle stimulation, which is beneficial to babies
  • It relaxes both parent and child
  • It can help relieve colic
  • It can help babies to sleep
  • It's fun for both of you

What parents say about baby massage

"It leaves him nice and relaxed and it's good to do at home. I like the centre because it's friendly and it gives me a chance to chat with other mums and the staff are friendly."
Harry's mum Kim

"It's great for Ellie as it relaxes her. It's also good for me as I like interacting with other mums, I can learn from them and it gets me out of the house."
Ellie's mum Leanne

Elaine Edmonson, the community midwife who runs the group explains baby massage

"Massaging babies helps with wind and colic, and helps to relax the baby, and the parents and carers. We use olive oil to do the massage, which helps to moisturise the skin. The massage helps to develop muscle tone, improve circulation and helps babies to sleep. All babies are different but massages generally last about 20 to 30 minutes. You gently stroke the whole body massaging the legs, trunk, back and face. A lot of the strokes are derived from maternal touching and have been put into a routine for optimum benefit. You can keep doing it until the baby finally lets you know that they don't enjoy it any more."

Contact your nearest children's centre for more information.

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