Breastfeeding support

Give your baby the breast start in life

Many of our children's centres run breastfeeding support groups where mums can get support from other mums and advice from professionals.

Breast milk helps protect you and your baby and contains all the nutrients that your baby needs:

  • It creates a very special bond
  • It's quick and easy - no bottles or sterilising
  • It's free and ready to go all the time, day or night
  • It changes as your baby grows, to meet their needs
  • It even helps you to lose your baby weight

What mums say about our breastfeeding groups

"This group is fantastic, I recommend it to every mum. I'm training to be a breast mate giving support to other mums about breast feeding and weaning. Daniel was six weeks premature and didn't have any sucking action. But with help and support we managed to overcome this and I managed to breastfeed him for nearly three months. I have met lots of friends at the centre and it gets me out of the house. You don't feel silly asking anyone questions and we go to all the events and parties. It's very accessible and the staff are really friendly, always offering lots of services and advice. There's lots on offer in the centre and coming here is an integral part of my week because it's so friendly and they make it so personable. You meet people who have shared the same experiences, and the children love coming here too."
Daniel's mum, Claire

"At first breastfeeding hurt and you can get the baby blues, but with support from the midwife and health visitor this stops. It's a big battle to begin with but you get continued support all week. It's nice to know other mums are breastfeeding. You get over the embarrassment factor about feeding in public. I also get Jessica weighed. When you're up all night and wondering am I doing things the right way it's great to get advice and support from other mums. It's reassuring to talk to other mums in the same position and to know that it does get easier."
Jessica's mum, Lisa

Contact your nearest children's centre for more information.

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