Health visitor clinics

The health visiting team is made up of health visitors, staff nurses, nursery nurses and health visitor assistants who provide clerical support.

A significant part of their role is working with families, registered with local doctors, who have children under five years of age. This support includes reviewing the children's heath, development and progress, and supporting families in helping to ensure their children reach their maximum potential. Their work also involves providing support to other family members with their own health needs and other needs, when appropriate.

This support takes place in a variety of settings including in homes and children's centres.

In children's centres we offer a range of services, which include:

  • Well baby clinics, where immunisations are done. Babies and young children can attend for weighing and parents can bring any concerns or queries they might have with regards to their children's health and development, eg weaning and sleep issues
  • Eight week checks
  • Developmental sessions to review children's developmental progress at eight months and two years of age
  • Baby massage groups for babies and their parents
  • Postnatal groups which offers advice and support for parents with young babies
  • Weaning groups to advise about weaning and making home made food
  • Parent toddler groups
  • Annual health promotion days such as 'Fun in the Sun' and 'Smile for Santa', which are very popular and enable health visitors to promote important health topics such as skin care, immunisations, healthy eating and dental care
  • Safeguarding children and supporting vulnerable children and their families, including where there are domestic violence issues
  • Public health, promoting health and wellbeing to all sectors of the community

Sheena Golden is a nursery nurse who does regular baby weighing sessions, she tells us about her role.

"We can discuss any concerns about things such as breastfeeding and offer advice. We also run pram pushers groups, which are postnatal support groups, and weaning sessions where we show how to prepare and freeze baby meals from scratch."

Contact your nearest children's centre for more information.

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