Young parents' groups

We're supporting young parents and their children.

Often young parents aren't confident about walking into a building, never mind attending services aimed at all parents, as they may feel judged as being too young. They want to be treated with respect, but society often stereotypes them. To help them, children's centre staff and the teenage pregnancy team, have developed young mum's and dad's groups in children's centres.

Why special groups for young parents?

Groups are an important way of staying in touch. They offer activities and opportunities to meet and talk to workers, other groups and young women who have given birth and breastfed. Young parents decide on the activities and apply for money themselves for these activities. Last year five couples and their children went to Butlins; they had a short break and discussed how to shape services for teenage parents. Trips have included Blackpool Zoo and city farms. Activities include cooking and arts and crafts.

Young parents tell us why the groups are important to them:

  • "The groups help me bond better and spend time with other young mums."
  • "I know someone is there to help me if I need it."
  • "They give me help and advice."
  • "They give us support."
  • "They help with getting to know my daughter more to know what activities she likes."
  • "Someone is there when you need to chat about things."
  • "Groups are good for getting out of the house and meeting new people."

We're keen to welcome young parents to contact us and drop in to a group. You'll get a lot out of it and your children will benefit too. To get more information contact or call 0161 778 0700.

Contact your nearest children's centre for more information.

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