Common questions about children's centres

What is a children's centre?

Children's centres bring together childcare, early education and family support services for families with children under five years old. It is the government's drive to tackle child poverty and social exclusion working with parents-to-be, parents/carers and children.

Children's centres promote the health and well being of babies and young children so that they can flourish at home and when they get to school and support families by bringing together lots of different services ('statutory providers' like health, social services and early education, as well as voluntary, private and community organisations) to provide joined-up services based on what local children need and parents want.

What goes on?

We offer a range of regular activities as well as one off special events. You will find what is currently available on our timetable.

Who can go there?

The children's centre is for all families with young children in the area and we will be offering support and advice on the whole range of issues that affect families.

Some of our sessions will be aimed at particular groups of people - young mums, those with new babies, dads looking after their children at the weekend.

How much does it cost?

We aim to be accessible to as many people as possible but in order to be sustainable we need to have some income! We are therefore suggesting donations of 50p to £1 which will be applicable at some sessions. All donations are made on a voluntary basis.

Can I bring older children?

Generally our sessions will be for younger children as that is what our equipment and resources are most appropriate for, however we do offer services in school holidays which cater for older children so keep checking our programme for current activities.

What is the 'Every Child Matters' framework?

This is a framework drawn together after government research. It identified five outcomes that were most important to the development, well being and potential of children and young people. They are to:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well being

All services now work together to improve these outcomes for all children and young people with the long term aim of eliminating poverty and securing a brighter future for everyone

South Children's Centre

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