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Dads you make a difference

Whatever your age or circumstances, as a dad (biological dad, step dad or any other father figure) you are really important to your child.

Recent research now shows for sure that fathers have a major impact on their children's future health and happiness. Dads matter, there's no doubt about that.

Research shows that positive fathering helps children to develop:

  • better friendships
  • fewer behavioural problems
  • better results at school
  • higher self-esteem and life satisfaction
  • a lower chance of becoming a criminal or abusing drugs
  • more satisfying adult relationships

At Winton Children's Centre we believe that positive parenting comes, where possible, from both parents. We are committed to supporting dads through the early years of their child's development. Our team are always available to give advice and support on weaning, sleeping, behaviour and all aspects of parenting.

Help to give your child the best start and join us at our fathers group which is on at the centre every Saturday, 10.30am until 12.00 noon.

Dad at home

The Dad at Home website gives great help and advice for dads that stay at home to look after their children.

Dad info

The Dad info website has informative and practical information for dads on pregnancy, work, money, kids, relationships, law and family life. Basically anything you need to know you will find on this site.

Home Dad

The Home Dad website is an interactive site for dads bringing up their children. Dads can meet up, offer advice and support and share their experiences of hands-on fathering. The site has news, features and information, details on starting a playgroup and how to find other home dads. There is a bulletin board for messages and regular chat room sessions.

Families Need Fathers

Families Need Fathers is a registered UK charity which provides information and support to parents, including unmarried parents, of either sex. Families Need Fathers is chiefly concerned with the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and after a family breakdown.

Fatherhood Institute

The Fatherhood Institute is an organisation that promotes the role of all fathers.

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