Early support team

The Early Support Programme is for families with disabled children under five years of age and anyone who regularly works with them. 

It was developed by parents, carers and practitioners. It is a national programme to ensure families are kept at the heart of decision making about their child.

The aim of early support is to provide:

  • good information for parents
  • a multi-agency approach with families at the centre
  • designated key workers
  • training to support early years practitioners

Working together is the key to providing the best care and support for disabled children. Early support provides information, resources and support.

Key working

Early support promotes and facilitates the development of a key worker service. Key workers act as a single point of contact and can reduce stress by encouraging everyone who is in contact with a child to work better as a group. They aim to achieve better co-ordinated packages of help and advice and to keep parents and carers at the heart of decision making about their child.

Referral process

The service is offered to families residing within Salford who have a child under five with a complex need or disability.

Referrals can only be made online by parent/carer, or by a professional with parental consent.

Online referral

Help if you have a disabled child.

Comments from parents for the Early Support Key Workers

“L.. and I want to thank you for all your support over the past few years. Your guidance and encouragement has helped us to bring out the best in L …and has given her a great start in life. At the beginning it was very much a whirl wind but you have made the whole process so much easier and we thanks you so much for that. The support we have received has been priceless. Thank you. V..L..And L”.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for all you are doing for our family …… You are god sent and truly a rare gem whose worth is priceless! We cannot thank you enough…. We will FOREVER remain grateful to you B…and N”.

“I would firstly like to thank H.. for making us all feel so comfortable as a family with her personality H.. made every meeting easy that we went to together, she supported me and always made me feel confident with myself. She told me to trust my own judgement and instinct which proved invaluable on many occasions. She helped to organise appointments and liaised between myself and health professionals where I struggled. She really will be missed and deemed a friend of the family I wish I could keep H.. with us for longer, it’s a shame for us to lose her, but I know she will be perfect with other families as she was with ours”.

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