Brief intervention therapy

Brief intervention therapy (BIT) is one of a range of services that are available through the locality teams within the early intervention and prevention service.

Brief intervention officers provide support to children and young people (aged between 7 and 19) and their families. We predominantly deliver work when there is a risk of family breakdown and in some cases when there is a risk of the child's permanent exclusion from school.

The service supports children, young people, families and carers by using a holistic approach, offering up to a maximum of six session of intervention using a solution focused model. We set achievable goals with the family and enable them to recognise the strengths and resources that they already have and build on these. 

Once a referral is accepted parents or carers are always asked to attend the initial session, however, from this point on a range of people may be invited to attend, dependant on the needs of the child. For instance other practitioners may be invited to sit in on a session; the wider family may be involved and one to one sessions may be held with either the child/young person or parent.

In some cases a full six sessions may not be appropriate and as an alternative the service may offer a one off session with the referrer and family in attendance. The aim of a one off session is to help create a plan that the referrer and family can then work through together.

The service works closely with other early intervention and prevention services such as family support, housing, skills and work, and parenting.


Any practitioner can refer to the service for the stated criteria, however, we are a well used service and have a policy of giving priority to higher risk cases when determining whether to allocate a worker. Referrals are made through the secure upload.

For referrals at level 2 you must submit a children's services referral form and a completed CAF. For referrals from social workers working a case at level 3 or 4 of Salford's thresholds, you must submit a children's services referral form, indicate whether you have completed a children and families assessment and make this available to the BIT worker if they accept the case.

For further details of the service and to discuss possible referrals, please call Rachel Shearn on 0161 686 5257 or Angela Vallely on 0161 686 7241.

What parents thought

  • "There has been a massive turn-around in my daughter"
  • "He can try to calm himself down - this is a major thing for him"
  • "Previously the relationship was volatile, now I'm better at listening to my daughter and improvements have lasted."

What children and young people thought

  • "(I now) have a good relationship with mum, mum doesn't stress out as much. (There are) not as many questions and (I can) negotiate time to come back home now. Mum has changed and everyone says that I have changed too and I'm not as stroppy as I don't argue with mum as much. (I'm) more happy now."

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