Evidence based parenting programmes

There are Incredible Years and Triple P parenting programmes delivered across the city.

These have been extensively researched, and evidence shows that parents who take part become more competent and comfortable in their parenting role, have strengthened relationships with their children, and their overall family wellbeing increases. Parents develop skills to enhance their child's social, emotional and academic competency, and learn strategies to deal with misbehaviour in consistent, non-punitive ways.

The programmes are goal focused and help parents to problem solve together, sharing ideas and learning more effective ways to communicate with their children.

Target groups

  1. Parents who want to understand how their children develop.
  2. Parents who want to get to know their child.
  3. Parents whose children display difficult or challenging behaviour.
  4. Parents who are finding it difficult to manage their child's behaviour and need a targeted group intervention.

Partner agencies include

  • Other departments of children's services.

Referral process

These include:

  • Completed early help assessment, if applicable.
  • Referral form via the secure upload and the the Bridge Partnership.
  • Before a referral is made you can contact the parenting team for a discussion.

Outcome targets

These are improving the child's academic, social and emotional competencies, promoting positive parenting and contributing to safer stronger communities.

What participants thought

  • Glad to attend - it felt like the start of a new era.
  • We were well informed about the course and excited about attending. We learned a lot more about play and help with language and communication with our child.
  • Brilliant - it helped with our self-confidence.
  • Self-praise (for the parent), helped deal with stress and improved sleeping.

Who to contact

To discuss the suitability of a referral prior to completing paperwork, please contact Claire Kitching, parenting manager on 0161 793 3403 or email parenting@salford.gov.uk.

This page was last updated on 8 October 2018

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