Family support

Family support is part of the Early Help service and is based in Salford's four locality teams. Family support is delivered by Early Help Practitioners (previously known as Family Support Workers).

Family support is available through referral by an agency such as a school, GP, health visitor, or any other support service. You can also self-refer by ringing the Bridge Partnership on 0161 603 4500. Its aim is to support families to make changes to their lives so they and their children live happier and more fulfilling lives. Early Help aims to prevent difficulties from escalating to a level where a social worker is required, and helps families to prioritise the changes they want to make. Early Help Practitioners can provide support around:

  • Behaviour management strategies with referrals to Incredible Years or Triple P courses
  • Home conditions and safety
  • Budgeting
  • Benefits and money issues
  • Housing issues
  • Domestic abuse
  • Mental health
  • Substance misuse
  • Relationships
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviour in children
  • Unemployment

Early Help Practitioners work with other agencies such as schools, health visitors, GPs, education welfare, and other more specialist services such as those for drug and alcohol difficulties, mental health, and domestic abuse; they also refer families to these services when necessary. Most children and young people will have an early help assessment (EHA) as part of the referral to make sure the support being provided is as helpful as possible.

What our parents thought

  • "The children wake up smiling."
  • "I'm now volunteering at a children's centre and I hope to take a qualification and get a job."
  • "It made me more confident in everyday life. I can leave home and look forward to coming home without so many heavy issues."
  • "The service helped us to understand each other a lot more, helped my partner with confidence and self-esteem issues and, all over, helped our home to be a happier, safer place."

What our children and young people thought

  • "Helped me to be happier and my mum too."
  • “My Mum and Dad don’t shout anymore, we enjoy family time together now.”
  • “I can see my Mum is getting the help she needs now so we get on a lot better.”

For further information contact your locality team.

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This page was last updated on 3 September 2019

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