Family support

Family support is part of the early intervention and prevention (EIP) service and is based in Salford's four locality teams.

It is one of a cluster of services that are available through these, some others being education welfare and brief intervention therapy.

Family support is only available through referral by an agency such as the school or a health visitor. Its aim it to focus on supporting families with difficulties and to prevent these difficulties from escalating so that the case becomes one of child protection.

The service may address home conditions, use of statutory services such as the GP, education welfare or speech and language. Most children and young people will have an early help assessment (EHA) as part of the referral.

Family Support workers may themselves refer to other services in health, education, drug and alcohol support or domestic abuse. Referrals are also made to other locality based services such as housing, skills and work, brief intervention therapy or to other early intervention and prevention services such as evidence-based parenting or the local children's centre. The Family Support Worker may also accompany the family to appointments.

Family support can support other professionals to identify children in need at an early stage, ensuring children and families have timely packages of care/support and that planning takes place around the needs of the child and in partnership with the parents. Family Support provides practical support such as:

  • parenting advice with referrals to the parenting team for more in-depth support
  • outlines/boundaries
  • home conditions and safety
  • budgeting
  • welfare rights concerns
  • behaviour management
  • debt issues
  • housing issues

What our parents thought

  • "The children wake up smiling."
  • "I'm now volunteering at a children's centre and I hope to take a qualification and get a job."
  • "We often didn't want the family support worker to leave."
  • "It made me more confident in everyday life. I can leave home and look forward to coming home without so many heavy issues."
  • "The service helped us to understand each other a lot more, helped my partner with confidence and self-esteem issues and, all over, helped our home to be a happier, safer place."

What our children and young people thought

  • "Helped me to be happier and my mum too."

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