Cancellation policy

Charging for non-attendance at training events

We understand that on occasions there may be genuine mitigating circumstances for non attendance. However, the following charges will still apply to cancellations if you are unable to send a substitute:

  • No attendance on the day of the course: £50
  • Late arrival and not being admitted to the course £50
  • Cancellation within one week: £30
  • Cancellation in advance of one week: nil

Charging procedures

At the end of each month, where charges have been incurred, you will be invoiced for the total amount of these charges for that period. Payment will be required immediately otherwise Starting Life Well will reserve the right to allocate places on future courses.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don't receive notification of a place on a course?

If your organisation has been allocated a place, and it is not taken up on the day, you will be charged.

Confirmations will be sent to the most recent email address we hold for the organisation and it is the organisation's responsibility to ensure this is up to date.

Please forward any contact changes/updates to

It is the responsibility of all applicants to check that they have received confirmation of their place at least seven days in advance of the course date.

What happens if I send staff on a course when I haven't received confirmation of a place?

If the person has been sent in place of someone else, they will be allowed to stay for the training. They should make themselves known to the course tutor and ensure that their name has been added to the attendance list, clearly indicating that they have replaced the named person.

What happens if the nominee is ill on the day and unable to attend?

Unless the organisation is able to send a substitute, a charge will be made.

To avoid charges in these circumstances, the substitute must ensure that they indicate on the attendance list that they are replacing someone from the setting.

What if my staff member attended the course and did not sign the attendance list?

It is the responsibility of the course participant to ensure that they sign the attendance list.

However, a charge will not be made if this can be confirmed by the course tutor.

Please note that it is the organisation's responsibility to pursue evidence that a person attended the course.

I have nominated a staff member for a course but they are now unable to attend, what should I do?

If you are not able to identify a substitute, either from your own organisation or from another organisation, you must email the training administration team  at as soon as possible.

What happens if the person needs to leave early?

This is not encouraged as this can disrupt the training programme for other participants and may occur a charge. Please make the trainer aware if you have to leave the course in a emergency.

If a person does not complete the full course they will not be recognised as attending and a charge may occur.

What happens if the course I have applied for is postponed or cancelled by Starting Life Well?

Charges will not be levied.

Starting Life Well will only postpone or cancel a course in the following circumstances:

  • The course bookings do not reach 50% full. A decision is made two weeks before the scheduled course date.
  • An unavoidable issue, eg tutor illness or venue issue.

In all circumstances Starting Life Well will endeavour to give as much notice as possible and offer a suitable replacement course where appropriate

How many nominations can I make per course?

Places on the pediatric first aid course will be limited to two places per setting for each date, for all other courses you will be able to request as many places as you would like as long as the places are available.

Completion of the booking form does not guarantee a place on the course. If you are allocated a place you will be informed via email.

It is the responsibility of all applicants to check that they have received confirmation of their place at least seven days in advance of the course date.

What happens if a course attendee arrives late?

Delegates should do their utmost to attend at the designated time, as late arrival causes disruption and affects other participants.

Managers and participants should be aware that late arrival could result in a person not being allowed to participate in the training. This will be recorded as no show/non-attendance and a charge will be incurred.

What happens if I want to cancel a place

If you wish to cancel places on a course, this must be done in writing to and in accordance with the cancellation policy otherwise charges will apply. Under no circumstances will telephone cancellations be accepted.

Training programme

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