Policies and procedures

A Question and Answers document, covering some of the most commonly asked questions about the Early Help Assessment and TAF process can be downloaded below.

Additional guidance for professionals around safeguarding, multi-agency working (Working Together to Safeguard Children) and information sharing (Information Sharing Guidance) can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Completed Early Help Assessments and Review forms are submitted to Children’s Services via the secure upload. All of these documents are read and quality assured by an Early Help Assessment coordinator. This ensures that all Early Help Assessments are of a high quality with desired outcomes identified and a SMART action plan appropriate to the needs of the family. Guidance and support is offered to professionals when required. Each assessment is scored between 1 and 3. Authors of assessments which score level 1 (requires improvement) will be contacted and requested to make the necessary changes. If possible, positive feedback will be provided to authors of good quality assessments. A copy of the Quality Assurance criteria for assessments and reviews can be found below.

The Early Help Assessment team can also support in embedding the Early Help Assessment process within your agency. The Early Help Assessment team can support you in undertaking a Early Help Assessment audit of your agency which can highlight strengths and areas for improvement. An Early Help Assessment policy template which can be adapted for individual agencies can be downloaded below. Once complete, an Early Help Assessment coordinator will be happy to verify the Early Help Assessment policy for your agency.

If you require any further information, please call 0161 603 4239 to speak to a Early Help Assessment coordinator.

If at any point in the assessment process safeguarding concerns arise, please call The Bridge Partnership on 0161 603 4500 for advice.

This page was last updated on 24 January 2019

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