What is an Early Help Assessment form?

An Early Help Assessment is an early help assessment tool that helps your family understand what is going well for them and what their needs and worries are. It helps professionals to help you in areas that you would like to improve.

An Early Help Assessment includes everyone who is in your family including unborn babies. It’s important that everyone in your family has their voice heard and is supported.

Who and why

An Early Help Assessment can include any family or household member, even if they do not have Parental Responsibility or play a caring role for a child in the home. Significant others can also be included if required.

Not all household members have to be included, but professionals must provide a justification as to why any household member has been excluded.

A genogram (Adobe PDF) (also known as a Family Tree) should be completed with your family.

Family tree

Areas to be assessed

  • Health
  • Education
  • Family and community
  • Behaviour and routines
  • Housing
  • Employment and finances
  • Being Safe

Consent, confidentiality and privacy notice

An Early Help Assessment will be completed with you and/or your family. An Early Help Assessment cannot be completed without consent, for more information on what you be consenting to please see page six on the Early Help Assessment Form (Microsoft Word).

All information that is shared is kept confidential unless there is a Safeguarding concern (Adobe PDF).

Personal information will be shared to provide support to you and your family, more information on this is in the Privacy Notice.

Early Help Assessment tool


How you feel Score
I feel very confident that I can manage in this area 9-10
I feel confident that I can manage in this area 7-8
I feel unsure about my confidence that I can manage in this area 5-6
I feel I have very little confidence that I can manage in this area 3-4
I feel I have no confidence that I can manage in this area 1-2


Team Around the Family

A Team Around the Family (Microsoft Word) (TAF) meeting is a meeting (Adobe PDF) with you and your family and different professionals to review the action plan at early help level and you will be provided with a copy of a plan that you have agreed to.

Whilst your family is being supported at TAF there will a practitioner who will be the lead professional one of their roles is to be the main point of contact for the you and your family.

Early Help Assessment team

Salford thresholds of need and response

Salford thresholds of need and response

For further information, enquiries, TAF chairing, training, Voice of the Child and Early Help Advice call 0161 603 4239 or email EHAT@salford.gov.uk.

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