Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night at home

We can’t fire up our usual organised bonfires and firework shows this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all celebrate safely at home.

If you are having your own celebration at home, please remember, remember the law this November.

Celebrate legally

Because of the risk of spreading COVID-19, you can only celebrate with people you live with or people in your bubble. It’s illegal to meet anyone else in your home or garden.

So please don’t invite the neighbours, your children’s classmates or all your mates round for a party. Stick to the rules and let’s all stay well and safe.

Celebrate safely

Fireworks are small explosives which can cause serious injuries. Never, ever throw a firework and always treat them with greatest care. Read and stick to the Firework Code.

Please be  considerate – remember that many people and pets don’t enjoy Bonfire Night at all.

Illegal and dangerous bonfires

Please do not build bonfires on public land, including parks and open spaces. It is dangerous and illegal. The bonfire will be removed and you may be charged for the cost of doing so.

If you see bonfires being assembled on public land, please report it so action can be taken.

Keeping your pets safe

Don’t let your cat roam on Bonfire Night in case they get frightened or injured by fireworks. Keep them in for the evening in the run up to Bonfire Night and on the night itself.  

Did you know that 45 per cent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks? We spoke to Chris Werrell who is Salford City Council’s dog control and animal welfare officer about the effects fireworks have on our dogs.

Worried about how fireworks will affect your dog this Bonfire Night? Have a look at the guidance from the RSPCA or visit Dogs in Salford Facebook page.

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