Halloween pumpkins

Halloween at home

Park the broomstick, put the cauldron on for a brew, stay home in the warm and celebrate with some revolting recipes, creepy crafts, spooky stories and grisly games!

Revolting recipes for your Halloween at Home party!

Halloween biscuits

From eyeball cakes to slime pie, from spider biscuits to frozen banana ghosts you’ll find loads of gruesome recipes here.

Trick or treat hunt at home

Think Easter Egg hunt but scarier!

Hide chocolates, sweets, small toys or whatever you like around your home or garden, let your children dress up and search for the hidden treasures.

Don’t waste the pumpkin

Pumpkins make great pies, soup and even roasted pumpkin seeds so don’t let your leftover pumpkin go to waste. Check out great recipes to eat your leftover pumpkin.

If you don’t want to eat it or want to share Salford’s wildlife will thank you for it.

You can use it as a bird feeder by adding seeds to the centre or cut it in half and hang it up for birds to peck at or squirrels to steal! 

You can cut it into small pieces and leave it in your garden for squirrels or other wildlife to enjoy – but please make sure there’s no wax on the skin.

Or you can chop it up and add the bits to your compost bin or recycle it through your food waste caddie or pink garden waste bin.

If you want to share or see photos of birds and beasties enjoying their pumpkin treat join Salford Wildlife on Facebook.

Have a Halloween movie night

Pick a not too scary film for the children and have a cinema night at home.

Some more ideas from our spell book!

Paint your own Halloween kitties

Halloween kitties painting on rocks

Homemade Halloween treats

Find out about the Halloween Blue Moon

Make a Halloween costume

Enjoy some frighteningly good crafts

Listen to a spooky story

Try some grisly games

Stay safe if you’re dressing up

Unfortunately children have been hurt when fancy dress costumes have caught fire. Here’s how to keep your little ones safe.

Stay home and celebrate this autumn

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