Preventative services

The prevention of offending is a key objective for the Salford Youth Offending Service.

There is evidence that early identification and intervention is much more effective at reducing offending and anti-social behaviour, than intervention when the behaviour is established and entrenched. As a consequence the youth offending team has established a preventative team.

The team is a component in the overall prevention strategy that is being developed across the city. The team currently works very closely with the eight community sector teams in Salford. This incorporates housing, police, children's services and probation. One of the central functions of the community sector team is to address issues of crime and disorder and related issues which impinge on the quality of life for residents within the community sector area.

The sector team meets on a regular basis and coordinates the identification of young people and adults within the area whose behaviour is causing concern. A member of the team will contact the identified young person and their family to offer an assessment and appropriate intervention in order to identify and address the root causes of the behaviour, with the intention of preventing the problem from escalating.

Young adults keeping out of crime

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