Information for parents

Have you been having major problems with your teenager? Is your relationship at breaking point?

Most teenagers argue with their parents but if your the situation is getting serious and the arguments are getting out of hand then you should consider using restorative justice.

Restorative justice may help you repair your relationship and stop things from getting worse.

How does it work?

A council officer who has been specially trained will meet with you and your teenager and ask you both a series of questions. You can hear your son's/daughter's point of view in a calm, controlled manner, which will help you understand where the problems may lie. Your son/daughter can also hear your side of the story and between yourselves you can agree on what needs to happen to put things right. The help of a third party is crucial to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Case study: Bradley and Carole
Bradley and his mum Carole had been arguing constantly and Bradley wanted to leave home to live with his Nan. Carole was advised to contact her 'locality team' and a specially trained officer came to the house to meet with her and Bradley. They all sat round a table and a set of questions were asked. Carole realised her son felt neglected so she needed to spend more time with him and Bradley learned that his mum had to work long hours to pay all their bills so was often very tired. They agreed that every Wednesday night they would go out together to do something fun, such as ten pin bowling. As a result, they now have a better relationship and only have occasional arguments.

Who should I contact?

If you think restorative justice could help you, please call for more information. You need to speak to the locality team in your area. 

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