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In schools, restorative justice allows teachers to resolve problems amongst groups of young people and effectively tackle low level disruption and day to day conflict.

Restorative justice has been tried and tested in schools in the UK and research has shown it helps to reduce bullying, truancy and exclusions. It has also increased attendance has also been given as a result.

There are set questions to ask which give you confidence in the procedure to address know you're going to get a result

In other parts of the country, using restorative justice practices in schools has resulted in a reduction in bullying and truancy and improved attendance. The number of exclusions has fallen too, as the problems are dealt with before they escalate.

What are the benefits for pupils?

You should notice that pupils are happier and more positive as they are given a chance to put their side of the story forward and discuss the problem, instead of being 'told off',

The outcome of the meeting could be apologies, repaired relationships or an end to bullying.

When should restorative justice be used?

When you see that there are long running conflicts between pupils, or if a pupil is being bullied, then you should consider holding a restorative justice meeting.

If you haven't been trained in restorative justice, then speak to the member of staff at your school who has undertaken the intensive course.

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