Results so far

We're seeing great results from our transformation programme - Shaping Our City 

Shaping Our City is the name for our new approach where services across the council are thinking differently and providing quicker, easier and better experiences to customers, as well as working more efficiently. It involves saving money, using technology and responding to increasing customer expectations.

Latest updates

New digital technology for Environment

Salford’s teams involved in waste, recycling and bin collection empty over 14 million bins a year. We’ve been looking at ways of improving our performance levels, and now have a better reporting system for missed bin collections. Paper based maps and other paperwork is being replaced with new digital equipment. Initial testing of this new technology has gone very well with the food and garden waste collection teams, so we are now introducing them to the rest of our fleet.

We are using this data to help optimise rounds, reduce number of missed bins and obtain better business intelligence on our general waste and recycling. New digital forms are currently being developed to allow residents to report issues quicker, easier and better.

New digital technology for our Grounds Maintenance and Streetscene workers has also been rolled out, with over 90% of the teams now using the new software system on iPads. This enables them to record and receive work requests as well as provide real-time updates whilst they are operating within the city.

Pest Control goes digital!

From rats and mice, to cockroaches and wasp nests, our Pest Control team deal with a wide range of pest problems in people's homes and in businesses across Salford.

They now have an online 'book and pay' system for customers and the team are using digital technology to improve the way they work.

Previously, the only way to book a pest control treatment was by phoning the contact centre. This was restricted to the contact centre's opening hours and often involved lengthy waits in the queuing system.  With our new online book and pay system, customers can now make a booking quickly and easily 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can usually get an appointment for the next day. This is helping to bring in more business and income for the service and greatly improves the customer experience. Even just after being introduced, we quickly saw around 60% of bookings being made online.

Officer using tablet


Over in the licensing team, changes are being made to help customers do more for themselves, so licensing officers can spend more of their time on important priorities. They're developing an online process to apply for a new taxi driver licence, and invited taxi drivers in to test the system before it goes live. 

Customer testing

Reporting forms

We've introduced a series of new online reporting forms so that customers can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and give us all the information we need to investigate an enquiry. Our report anti-social behaviour and report a nuisance were tested by residents before they went live, and we made changes based on their feedback.

Testing online forms

Project Connect

Project Connect is about redesigning Customer Services to provide a quicker, easier and better experience for customers. 

This involves many self-serve and digital developments which empowers residents and frees up customer-facing employees to respond to enquiries from those who need more support.

For example, customers will soon be able to book and pay for Registrar appointments online which will streamline processes and create capacity within the contact centre and the service.

This summer, touch screen scanners called ScanStations will be introduced to the Gateways and Broughton Hub. Customers will be able to scan in essential documents and application forms for everything from Blue Badge parking permits to school admissions instead of waiting for an advisor to take the documents and do it for you. As well as saving time, going digital also helps the environment as there’s no paper to recycle.

We’re also introducing a new website Better Off in Salford which is an easy way to find out if you’re entitled to benefits and apply for them.  At the click of a button, you can also find jobs, childcare, and advice on debt or money management.  

Children's Services 

Teams across Children's Services are looking at new ways of working to make the most of their resources, so that they continue to achieve the best possible outcomes for children, young people and families.

There are five projects in the Children's Services transformation programme:

  • Social work digitisation
  • Review of Children’s Services administration support
  • Review of the Bridge
  • 0-5 mobile working enablement
  • West Locality Pilot
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