Salford Digital Eagles

Salford Digital Eagles

We’re committed to helping you develop and improve your digital skills, so that you can operate safely and confidently online and most importantly make the most of new technology in your work and personal life.

A Digital Eagles feature by Councillor Hinds is in The LGA's First magazine

We’re the very first local authority to team up with Barclays to run a digital skills programme for staff, and we currently have more than 450 eagles here at Salford which makes us the second largest public sector organisation to have Digital Eagles in the UK. Our 'Salford Digital Eagles’ will be able to help customers, colleagues, friends and family too.

How to improve your digital skills

Digital Wings is an online learning programme that will help you keep up to date with digital trends and boost your knowledge and confidence. There’s a wide range of modules available, such as staying safe online, digital trends and data, and understanding more about Google. These can be done on the Digital Wings website or on the Digital Wings app.

Anybody can use Digital Wings, so please pass these details on to friends and family.

Sign up to the Digital Wings

If you're asked for the company code, this is 0000737.

Salford Digital Eagles

"Being part of the Salford Digital Eagles has shown me that it doesn’t matter what your job role is or what your day to day duties are, I get to help our employees and our residents to become comfortable and confident online. This might be by showing them how to avoid being a victim of fraud or how to connect with family via Skype. Being a Salford Digital Eagles allows me to connect with the city of Salford in a different way than ever before."


Salford Digital Eagles in action

Salford Digital Eagles have been helping people in many ways. Below is just a flavour of some of things they've been doing.

  • Sessions at the Gateways showing school crossing patrols how to use the employee website and see their online payslips.
  • Attending a jobs fair to talk to jobseekers about using Digital Wings to improve their job prospects.
  • Showing team members how to use more of the features on their work iPads.
  • Visiting a children’s centre to show workers how to use the employee website and see their online payslips.
  • Ordering ten free ‘micro-bits’ (which help young people to code) to trial from Micro:bit Educational Foundation.
  • Showing somebody how to connect with their family living abroad through social media.
  • Showing people how to stay safe online

The hard work of the Eagles was recognised at the 2017 Employee Awards. 

“I’ve been a Union Learner Rep for the last 18 years and I see my role as a Salford Digital Eagle as an extension of this in helping colleagues become digitally savvy. My greatest achievement as an Eagle so far has been taking more than 100 staff through the Digisafe sessions to stay safe online whether at work or in their personal lives. But I find it equally as rewarding just helping friends and colleagues on a one to one basis.”


About the Barclays Digital Eagles

Barclays introduced Digital Eagles in 2013 with the aim of having the most digitally savvy workforce in the UK. Starting with 18 full-time eagles in its bank branches, four years on there now have more than 18,000 Barclays Digital Eagles who have so far provided free technology advice to more than one million people.

"Being a Digital Eagle has allowed me to not only learn new skills but to meet new people from different services across the Council who I wouldn’t normally come into contact with within my role. I am proud to be part of the Digital Eagles programme as it has allowed me to learn skills that I can bring back to the team I work in and can use these new skills to help not only my colleagues but family and friends as well. One of my favourite modules that I have attended in this programme so far was the ‘different learning styles’ module. This helped me to understand that not everyone learns in the same way and has allowed me to tailor my assistance to people's individual needs. I have helped in the training of new colleagues to teach them our processes and tasks and I feel this has been successful. Being an eagle has allowed me to continue my personal development and I would strongly recommend the programme. I am looking forward to attending  the further modules in this programme."


Creating a ‘digitally inclusive’ city

Our partnership with Barclays is part of a wider ‘digital inclusion’ programme which involves public, private and third sector organisations.

We want to make sure people in Salford have the skills to use the internet to do things that benefit them in their day to day lives (managing information, communicating, transacting, creating and problem solving).

The benefits are huge and we want to ensure that no one is left behind.

"I am pleased to be a Salford Digital Eagle because as a group we are working together to improve the digital skills of people in Salford. We are supporting the digital transformation of Salford City Council whilst improving lives by equipping and supporting people to enjoy the benefits of the digital world. As an Eagle I have enjoyed meeting new people from across the organisation and in the community. Another Eagle and I shared the benefits of the Barclays Digital Wings platform with 60 people at a Salford Jobs Fair; we spoke to a college leader, a job centre manager, work coaches, job seekers and refugees. Amongst the people we spoke to, there was interest in understanding how to use a computer and the internet, how to use social media safely, improving job prospects through improved digital skills and knowledge, and discovering community groups on social media platforms."


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