Scan Zones

Scan Zone

Scan Zones are new, simple to use self-service document scanners located in all the Gateways and Broughton Hub.

They are fully integrated in to the council’s back office system which speeds up processing for a range of services from housing benefit to council tax reductions. Customers no longer need to wait to see an advisor to scan supporting evidence (eg ID such as passport and utility bill) or application forms relating to all the council services listed below:

Customers can self-scan documents using the touch screen, tablet device situated in specially designed furniture pods to ensure privacy.

The scanners take a clear quality photo of each document submitted (eg school admission form) and index it to a back office system where it is automatically uploaded. Customers can easily delete or change the order of their documents and receive a summary page of which information they’ve submitted. For security reasons, the photos are removed from the tablet device once the customer finishes.

Customer feedback says it takes 3.5 minutes to complete three to four documents and provides a much improved customer experience rather than waiting for an advisor. However staff will still be available for those who need assistance.

As well as saving time, going digital also helps the environment as there’s no paper to recycle.

This new facility is just one of many new digital initiatives the council is developing to make our services quicker, easier and better.

Watch a video of how the scan station works

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