Keep safe, well and warm this winter

There are lots of things you can do to keep yourself safe, well and warm this winter and help others stay safe too. If you need a bit of help, there are organisations and services that may be able to give you the support you need.

Get your COVID booster

The COVID booster helps to improve the protection you have from your first two doses of the vaccine and gives you longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from COVID-19. You can book a booster appointment or go along to a walk-in vaccine clinic, no appointment needed.

It’s not too late to get your first or second vaccinations, use the links above to book or find a walk-in clinic.

Get your flu jab

This year, with COVID-19 in circulation, it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated to protect yourself from flu. If you get COVID-19 and flu at the same time, research shows you’re more likely to be seriously ill.

The flu vaccination is available at GP practices and pharmacies across Salford. Contact them to book or for more information. Read more about the flu vaccine.

Get your pneumococcal jab (also known as the pneumonia vaccine)

If you’re over 65, or have certain long term health conditions, you’ll be offered a pneumococcal jab by your GP. Make sure you take this up and protect yourself from serious and potentially fatal pneumococcal infections. It’s a single, one off vaccination, or if you have a certain underlying health condition you may need to have the vaccination every five years.

Read more about the pneumococcal vaccine

Book a free health check at a Gateway

Our Health Improvement Service are offering free 30-minute health checks at Gateways and Broughton Hub. They’ll check your BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol, discuss ways you can improve your health and wellbeing and tell you about the support that is on offer in Salford. Find out more about free health checks and book an appointment.

Buy a new face covering

With face coverings now mandatory in most indoor settings, make sure you have a well-fitting, reusable face covering that you wash regularly. You may need more than one, and if your face covering no longer fits securely, it may be time to buy a new one.  

If you choose to use disposable face coverings, remember these should only be used once.

Get lateral flow test kits

It’s really important to test regularly, especially before meeting others. You can order kits online, collect from pharmacies (you need to get a code first) or collect them from our Gateways. If you feel unwell in any way, you should book a PCR test instead.

Read more on testing.

Get a better deal or help with your heating bill

Are you getting the best deal on your heating bill? Now is a good time to check if you can save any money. Use a price comparison website or contact Salford Foundation’s energy advisor. They can advise on switching providers to make sure you’re getting the cheapest energy possible and they may be able to help you swap pre-pay gas and electricity meters for credit meters which could save you hundreds of pounds a year.

If you’re in arrears on your bills, Salford Foundation’s energy advisor can negotiate payment plans for you or apply for funding which could wipe out your debt.

If you can't afford to pay your heating bill and you're living in a cold home, you may be entitled to financial support from the Household Support Fund.

If you need emergency help with fuel costs Salford Assist may be able to help.

Keep warm at home

There’s lots of simple things you can do at home to keep yourself warm, from having plenty of hot drinks to wearing lots of layers of clothes (rather than one thick layer). Your main living room should be heated to 18 to 21 degrees and you should heat your bedroom before going to bed.

Read more tips to keep warm at home.

Get your boiler checked or help with boiler breakdowns

Helping Hands offer free boiler checks if you meet certain criteria. They may also be able to help if your boiler breaks down.  

Get your paths gritted in icy weather

Don’t risk falling on ice! Helping Hands may be able to arrange for your paths to be gritted in icy weather if you meet certain criteria. Give them a call on 0161 793 9419 or visit the Helping Hands website.

Check on your neighbour

If you have a neighbour who could be vulnerable in the bad weather, check to see if they are okay. Is their home warm enough? Do they need any help with shopping? Just a few minutes of your time for a quick chat could make a huge difference.

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