SCTP cancellation policy

Charging for attendance at training events

Partnership activities continue to be provided free of charge, however where there is a cost, it will be clearly indicated on all course information.

Charging for non-attendance at training events

Unless notice of cancellation is received at least two working days prior to the course date, there will be a charge for each confirmed place that is not taken up on the day. Members who send a replacement/substitute on the day will not be charged for the place.

To ensure that managers are aware of the cost implications of cancelling a place, notification of a cancellation must be made by the manager, deputy manager or a senior member of staff. A cancellation will not be accepted directly from the delegate.

Charging procedures

At the end of each month, where charges have been incurred, organisations will be invoiced for the total amount of these charges for that period.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don't receive notification of a place on a course?

If your organisation has been allocated a place, and it is not taken up on the day, you will be charged.

Confirmations will be sent to the most recent email address we hold for the organisation and it is the organisation's responsibility to ensure this is up to date. Please email any contact changes/updates to

It is the organisation's responsibility to follow up if confirmation of allocated palces have not been received.

How many nominations can I make for a course?

This is up to you, however members should be mindful that on the day, if they are unable to release nominated staff to attend they will be charged for these places.

If you are unsure who will be attending on the day, you are able to reserve the place against an individual's name, and send another person on the day. There will not be a charge for substitutions as long as your allocated place is taken up.

What happens if I send staff on a course when I haven't received confirmation of places?

If the person has been sent in place of someone else, they will be allowed to stay for the training. They should make themselves known to the course tutor and ensure that their name has been added to the attendance list, clearly indicating that they have replaced the named person.

What happens if a course attendee arrives late?

Delegates should do their utmost to attend at the designated time, as late arrival causes disruption and affects other participants.

Managers and participants should be aware that late arrival on some courses (ie accredited courses) could result in a person not being allowed to participate in the session. This will be recorded as non-attendance and a charge will be incurred.

What happens if the nominee is ill on the day and unable to attend?

Unless the organisation is able to send a substitute, a charge will be made.

It may be worthwhile for managers to make contact with other partnership organisations who may be in a position to take up a place at short notice.

To avoid charges in these circumstances, the substitute must ensure that they indicate on the attendance list that they are replacing someone from another organisation.

What if my staff member attended the course and did not sign the attendance list?

It is the responsibility of the course participant to ensure that they sign the attendance list.

However, a charge will not be made if this can be confirmed by the course tutor.

Please note that it is the organisation's responsibility to pursue evidence that a person attended the course.

I have nominated a staff member for a course but they are now unable to attend, what should I do?

If you are not able to identify a substitute, either from your own or from another organisation, you must contact the course administrator as soon as possible and no later than two days before the course date.

What happens if the person needs to leave early?

This is not encouraged as this can disrupt the training programme for other participants and may incur a charge.

If a person does not complete the full course they will not be issued with a certificate.

What happens if the course I have applied for is cancelled by the Salford Care Training Partnership?

Charges will not be levied.

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