Home Energy Conservation Act

Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) - Progress Report 2019

The government has placed a responsibility on local authorities to assess the needs of their residents and to act as catalysts for change in local areas. The Home Energy Conservation Act (1995) recognises local authorities' ability to use their position to improve the energy efficiency of all residential accommodation. There is a requirement on councils to provide progress reports on delivery at bi-annual intervals up to and including 31 March 2027.

Salford City Council's HECA report is published below and has been produced in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to ensure a consistent and comparable approach across Greater Manchester.

Salford City Council's HECA report sets out the energy conservation measures which the council will deliver in 2019 to 2021. The measures are what the council considers practicable, cost-effective and likely to result in significant improvements in the energy efficiency of residential accommodation.

The report outlines the council's plan to undertake area based initiatives and targeting to improve home energy efficiency and to tackle fuel poverty, working with local and national partners to promote the, Energy Company Obligation scheme and other relevant government policy to achieve its ambitions.

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