Sheltered housing

Sheltered accommodation is available to anybody over 55 who wants to continue to live an independent life (with their own fully self-contained accommodation), but would benefit from the offer of a range of affordable support measures available at each scheme.

Sheltered housing can provide support, security and social opportunities. Regular activities are held in the shared areas including coffee mornings, games sessions, craft classes, exercise classes and parties. These activities gives tenants the chance to mix with others and feel part of a wider community. Area wardens support tenants to organise these activities along with fundraising events and trips out.

Each sheltered housing scheme is different but facilities may include a communal lounge, laundry and gardens. For further information regarding the support available at each scheme you can contact the individual landlord.

To register for sheltered housing, contact Salford Home Search. Staff will carry out a simple assessment to make sure that sheltered housing is suitable for a person's needs. 

Sheltered housing in Salford

Pendleton Together

  • Lombardy Court, Langworthy

Salix Homes

  • Broomedge, Kersal
  • Heraldic Court, Irwell Riverside
  • Longbow Court, Broughton
  • Muirhead Court, Irwell Riverside
  • Queen Alexandra Close, Ordsall
  • Rialto Gardens, Broughton
  • Springbank, Langworthy


  • College Croft, Eccles
  • Enfield House, Barton
  • Kemball House, Eccles
  • Shepway Court, Winton
  • The De Traffords, Irlam
  • The Meadows, Cadishead
  • Laurence Lowry Court, Pendlebury
  • Sindsley Court, Swinton North
  • Queens Close, Walkden North
  • Pennington Close, Little Hulton
  • Streetgate, Little Hulton
  • Hulton/Westwood Avenue, Walkden South


  • Beenstock House, Kersal


  • St Paul's Court, Walkden South
  • Parrs Court, Irlam
  • Malimson Bourne, Higher Broughton
  • St Paul's Court, Worsley


  • Holly Court, Irlam
  • Midfield Court, Kersal
  • Ranulph Court, Claremont
  • St Clements Court, Irlam
  • St Johns Court, Broughton
  • St Pauls Court, Kersal

Great Places Housing Group

  • Hawkshaw Court, Ordsall
  • John Atkinson Court, Weaste and Seedley
  • Openshaw Court, Pendlebury
  • Ramsden Fold, Pendlebury
  • Stanyard Court, Ordsall

Housing and Care 21

  • Crandon Court, Pendlebury
  • Edward Onyon Court, Langworthy                              
  • Swinton Court, Swinton South

Irwell Valley Housing Association

  • Peterloo Court, Weaste and Seedley    
  • Roman Court, Broughton    
  • Rydal House, Weaste and Seedley
  • Sandwich Street, Weaste and Seedley

Your Housing Group

  • Lancaster Lodge, Claremont
  • Otterburn House, Eccles

Greater Manchester Jewish Housing Association

  • Gan Eden, Kersal


  • Pennine Court, Pendlebury


  • Swithun Wells Court, Little Hulton

Hanover Housing

  • Hanover Court, Worsley (age 60+)


  • Abbeyfield House, Worsley

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