Are you being harassed by your landlord?

It is both a civil and criminal offence for your landlord to commit acts likely to interfere with your peace and comfort, to act in such a way that you are likely to leave, or to stop you exercising your rights.

This applies irrespective of whether such a 'quiet enjoyment' clause is in your agreement, as it is implied to be there by law.

Examples of harassment include:

  • cutting off your water, gas, or electricity
  • threatening you with eviction
  • interfering with your possessions
  • insisting you hand over a key to your home

If your landlord is attempting to evict you, is harassing you or otherwise disturbing your peaceful and comfortable occupation, the following steps may be taken.

Tell your landlord, in person or preferably in writing, that their actions are disturbing your peaceful occupation of the property. This will usually be enough to end petty harassment.

You are entitled to refuse entry until the landlord gives you 'reasonable' notice, usually 24 hours. It may also help to arrange for a friend to be with you in the property during the visit. A landlord who enters a property without permission is trespassing.

If it seems appropriate, you should call the police. On no account should you respond physically or abusively to harassment, or withhold rent.

If these methods do not help, you can contact Salford Citizens Advice Bureau on 0844 826 9695.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has a free legal drop-in service. Cases of harassment brought to the court may result in substantial damages being paid in compensation. In emergency cases it is particularly advisable to seek legal advice quickly.

Salford's landlord accreditation scheme

Designed to provide private landlords with a number of services and a general support network, this accreditation scheme benefits both landlord and tenant by improving the image and standards of the private rented accommodation sector, and therefore making it a more viable housing option.

This page was last updated on 30 March 2016

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