Extra support for businesses and apprentices

All apprentices, supported through the fund, can access training to develop workplace resilience. The training will help apprentices develop the skills to manage their physical and emotional wellbeing and ultimately thrive at work. To access this training simply email Anna

All apprentices, supported through the fund, can also access free specialist support if they have a physical or mental health condition and are struggling at work, or on sick leave, to return to work. This support includes health, wellbeing and lifestyle, help in work, skills, education and training, workplace adjustments and a return to work plan with next steps.

To access this support simply call 0300 456 8107 or send an email

These offers of support have been brought to you by BUPA and Working Well Early Help.

We’re also developing a talent pool of apprentice ready local residents who can be accessed simply by applying for the fund. So for employers looking for an apprentice we can help with the recruitment process too.

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