10 good reasons to be a social worker in Salford

1. The best start

A structured induction programme for all new starters puts everyone on equal footing.

2. Bags of support and training

To back you up we offer a wide range of training including both short-term and more specialist courses such as Post Qualifying (PQ) and Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP), with us supporting you all the way. Ours is a stable workforce with a record of good retention so we have plenty of experience to help you develop.

3. Ways to be the best

Supervision is based on a formal contract agreed between you and your manager. We all have supervision and personal development review, and see these as forum to listen to feedback which can then develop practice within the organisation. We also offer mentoring to our social workers.

4. Great contacts

You never know too many people; we have great working relationships worth our partners and good contacts with people from other organisations in Salford.

5. Ways to develop your career

Salford is a place where there is real opportunity for your personal growth and development. If you want to make it, we’ll support you to help you achieve your ambitions. There is also a structured framework of training and development in place for experienced social workers who want to progress into management.

6. The right amount of work

Caseloads will be monitored to give you a balance of challenge and satisfaction, as decided by you and your manager.

7. A safe and equal working environment

We provide an equal opportunities environment, meaning we adhere to equality and diversity policies. Safety is also key - we make sure that you are safe at work at all times.

8. The chance to turn your placement into a job

We value students on placement with us and actively encourage them to apply for permanent roles.

9. The chance to land your dream job

We have the option of holding vacancies for candidates with potential, interviewing them when they're ready or have completed their training. We also offer secondments across our social work teams so you can decide where is right for you.

10. Everyone’s input is valued

Our social workers are not just a cog in a wheel. Salford is big enough to provide a challenge but small enough for everybody to know who you are.

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